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Sun Fire X4100/X4200 Servers Release Notes for Software Release 1.5 and 1.5.1




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1. Description of Software 1.5 and 1.5.1

Operating System Support

Software Versions and Enhancements

Software Release 1.5

Software Release 1.5.1

Component Versions by Release

Software Release Special Considerations

Current Issues

Do Not Downgrade LSI Firmware Version 1.16 (6495476)

Special Considerations Regarding the ILOM Firmware 1.1.1 Update

Current Issues

FRU Information Appears Empty After Updating the ILOM Firmware and the BIOS (6406138)

Serial Console on Host System Might Stop Working After BIOS Update (6489959)

New ILOM Flash Update Layout

Resolved Issues

BIOS Update Might Fail (6499287)

2. Updating Your Server Firmware

Updating Your Server Firmware

Methods for Updating the LSI Firmware

Remote Method

Local Method

Verifying the Firmware Version

Verifying the Firmware Version Using the CLI Through the Management Ethernet Port

Verifying the Firmware Version Using the CLI Through the Serial Port

Verifying the Firmware Version Using the Web GUI

Running the Preflash Script

Summary Preflash Script Procedure

Detailed Preflash Script Procedures

Options For Linux and Solaris Platforms

Options for Windows Platforms

Verifying the Preflash Script

Locating ILOM SP Addresses

Resetting the ILOM SP

Recovering from a Failed Flash Update

Downgrading to a Previous ILOM Release

Updating LSI Firmware and BIOS