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Sun Fire X4100 M2/X4200 M2 Servers Product Notes

Product Notes




1. Introduction


Solaristrademark 10 Operating System

Solaris Adds Support For GRUB-Based Booting

Sun Javatrademark Enterprise System

suncfg Utility

Hardware Error Report and Decode (HERD) Utility

LSI cfggen Utility

LSI SNMP Utility

MegaRAID Storage Manager

Sun xVM Ops Center

Sun VTS On Bootable Diagnostics CD

Supported DIMMs

Windows BIOS Option to Save Network Configuration

2. LSI Firmware, Service Processor, and BIOS Issues

LSI Firmware Issues

Resolved Issues

RAID Volume Disk Space Requirement for Metadata (6312581)

HDD Resynchronization Completion is Indicated By Optimal Status in LSI Firmware Version 1.08 (6389986)

ILOM and Service Processor (SP) Issues

Current Issues

Updating to Current LSI Firmware and BIOS Requires ILOM 2.x or Higher (6947881)

Incorrect Power Supply Events After Service Processor Reset (6499282)

Service Processor Fails to Log Event or Provide Visual Alert After HDD is Removed (6306536)

BIOS Labels Not Shown in FRU List for Some Interfaces

SP Does Not Handle SNMP Traps (6396525)

Resolved Issues

Resetting SP Without Rebooting OS Disables Console (6673674)

Powering On With A Single Power Supply Lights Failure LED (6645564)

ILOM 1.1.1 Console Speed, 115200 baud, Not Working (6499189)

Sun Fire X4200 M2: Nonexistent Fans Shown in CLI (6433119)

Fan Speed is Nonzero if Fan is Removed or Stopped (6493168)

Incorrect Fan Speeds Recorded for ft0.fm1.f0 and ft0.fm2.f0 (6542869)

bp.locate.btn and fp.locate.btn Are Asserted When Locate LEDs Are Not Blinking (6482084)

Sun N1 System Manager Does Not Recognize System (6522517)

CLI fault_state Properties Do Not Reflect Actual Fault States (6479882)

ILOM 1.1.1 JavaRConsole Will Not Launch (6494290)

JavaRConsole Restart or Start Redirection Fails After AC Power Removed (6434210)

Serial Console Access Over SSH Freezes on start -script Command (6337909)

Serial Port Speed Setting Reverts to 9600 BPS After Exiting CLI Session (6298521)

Network Port Does Not Operate at 10 Mbyte/sec (6302923)

ILOM Web GUI Displays Incorrect Thresholds (6316706)

SP and USB Interactions Interrupt the OS (6277725)

Kernel Error During Reset Hangs Some System Components (6295154)

JavaRConsole Takes Too Long to Notify User of Disconnection (6487885)

Break Key Does Not Work in Secure Shell (SSH) Session or from JavaRConsole (6306610)

External Storage Redirection Error Messages Might Be Wrong

SNMP Issues

Current Issues

SP Does Not Support SNMP Traps (6396525)

Resolved Issues

Unimplemented SNMP Traps (6300437)

Error Messages Are Unclear When Deleting an SNMP User (6284706)

sysUpTime Values Might be Incorrect (6295609)

SNMP Agent Does Not Support SETs (6255301)

BIOS Issues

Current Issues

NICs Are Removed from Boot-Priority List when Using Ctrl or Alt Commands to Enable the Option BIOS for Sun Cards (6462303)

HDD Order Changes in BIOS Settings After Installing or Removing HBA Card (6462303, 6450677, 6630185)

Option ROM Space for PXE Booting Exhausted Before All Devices are Scanned (6453144, 6403173, 6272514, 6393809, 6439856, 6462303)

Sixteen-Boot-Device Limitation Exceeded Before All Devices are Scanned (6268877, 6439856)

When Downgrading BIOS From Software 2.2 to 2.1, BIOS 81, Jumper is Needed to Clear RTC Settings If System Freezes (6768214)

A Disk Swap in RAID1/RAID1E Causes an Error Message (6766054, 6765998)

Resolved Issues

POST Message Can be Safely Ignored: Bank Interleave Requested But Not Enabled (6464704)

BIOS Programming Of ProcODT/ODC Field Is Incorrect (6684970)

During Upgrade To Quad Core, System Does Not Display Console and Cannot Start SYS (6733354)

Accessibility Issues

3. Software Issues

General Software Issues


Ethernet Port Mapping Differs From Physical Port Mapping in Various OSs (6421259)

Some X-option-card Drivers Not Available (6730873)

Pressing Locate LED Button For More Than 15 Seconds Results in SEL Log Messages (6773451)

Utilities Issues


Cfggen Does Not Show Correct Synchronization Progress (6600993)

MSM: Removing One HDD Causes Others to Disappear (6514389, 6487038, 6515371)

MSM: Status Log Does Not Reflect Status When a Disk is Removed (6525291)

SunCFG: Setting Strings Larger than 63 Characters Can Corrupt Other Strings (6686490, 6686513, 6686521)

SunCFG: Cannot Set TYPE String (6686513)

Utilities Issues


Error Messages During Boot from SunVTS CD Can Be Ignored

Meter Button in Bootable Diagnostics CD Version 2.1f Does Not Work

Solaris Operating System Issues


Cannot Boot with RHEA Card in PCI-E Slots 0 or 1 (6472670)

Solaris Installation Hangs if Multiple NIC cards are installed (6724474, 6673707)


Unnecessary BIOS Patch Recommended at Boot Time (6468360, 6447850)

FMA Errors for Intel X4446A-Z NICs (6601498)

NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet Port Hangs Under Heavy Load (6500058, 6502876)

AMD Erratum 131 Warning Message Can Be Safely Ignored During OS Startup (6438926, 6468360, 6447850)

IB-HCA Card X4217A-Z Is Not Recognized (6724880)

Solaris 10 OS 6/06: Connection to NVIDIA-Controlled NICs is Lost After Changing Port Speeds Using Netgear Switch (6419824, 6441359)

Unknown event e Message in messages or dmesg Files (6459169)

Sudden Program Termination With Possible Data Corruption (6636513)

I/O Processes Hang (6490454, 6469065)

Linux Operating System Issues


SLES: NVIDIA NIC Problem Causes Application Failure Under Heavy Load (6610532, 6653013)

RHEL 3: ACPI Error messages (6469965)

RHEL 3U8: Performance on NVIDIA Ports is Very Slow Compared with Intel Ports (6503371)

RHEL 3U8_64: Dmesg Shows floppy0: no floppy controllers found When a USB Diskette Drive is Attached (6513814)

RHEL 3 U8: NUMA Disabled by Default (6502538)

RHEL 4 U5 Non-uniform Memory Access (NUMA) Applications Do Not Perform As Expected (6719368)

RHEL 5 U2 NIC Mapping is Different From Previous Versions (6770474)


RHEL 5: Some Drivers Not Available (6558529)

RHEL 5: OS Becomes a Read-Only File System After Removing a Disk From a RAID1 (6543466)

RHEL 4: Servers Might Hang at Enabling Swap Space Message After Power Cycling (6470496)

RHEL 4 U4_32: OS Installation Fails (6551551)

RHEL 5.1: NVIDIA NIC Mishandles Message-Signaled Interrupts Under High Load (6644176)

SIA Install of RHEL 5.1 Fails (6681828)

MSM Does Not Start (6609312)

RHEL 4/SLES 9: Error Message when Booting the GUI (6416608)

RHEL 4: Intel Network Interface Card is Displayed with Inconsistent Logical Name After Bootup (6423182)

RHEL 3U8_64: System Hangs Occasionally Under High Load with Many PCI I/O Devices Installed (6502242)

RHEL 3 U8_64: LSI Cards 22320/20320 Not Supported (6506460)

SLES9_64 and SLES10_64: System Does Not Boot With Supported HBA Card in Slot 0 (6307424, 6343559)

SLES9_SP3: Ignore Error Message when First Writing to an ext3 File System (6422442)

RHEL 3_U9: Bad Support for USB 2.0 (6571085)

RHEL 3_U8_64: INSMOD Error Messages (6501643)

RHEL 5: Some Drivers Not Available (6558529)

SLES9 SP3 (64-bit): lpfc Driver Does Not Work (6655761)

Tbench Fails On SLES and RHEL When Setting 128 Clients (6730796, 6728709)

RHEL 3: Multiple Instances of Virtual AMI Floppy as “Unknown Device Type” With Additional Errors (6505341)

RHEL 4.7 32-bit dmesg Reports "APIC error on CPU..." After Stress Test (6762301)

Windows Server Issues


Windows 2003 Guest Under SLES 10, SP 1/XEN Has Blue Screen Crash (6645567)

Windows 2003 Utility mkfloppy.exe Does Not Select Correct Diskette Drive if More than One Diskette Drive is Present


Servers with 4 GB of Memory or Less Cannot Resume from Hibernation Automatically (6458266)

Platform Resets When Data Is Copied From USB Storage to Internal Disks (6647109)

SIA Install of Windows 2003 Does Not Include Option Card Drivers (6555748)

Network Configuration Lost After BIOS Update (6778969)

VMware Issues


Two of Four NIC Ports Inoperable (6518982)

ESX Installation Stops (6549480)

4. Hardware Issues

Current Issues

Some 4-GB DIMMs Not Compatible With Quad Core Upgrade

Drivers for Option Cards

InfiniBand Card (4217A-Z Eagle) Cannot Be Used in Solaris 10 10/08 (6776581)

Mixing DIMMs Impacts Memory Performance

Resolved Issues

Problems Reported with Specific Mice and Keyboards (6299692, 6317710, 6304725)

Wrong LEDs Light Up for Missing or Failed Fans on Sun Fire X4100 M2 (6505008)

Keyboard Does Not Respond in POST after BIOS Recovery (6635881)

X4100/4200M2 Need To Apply Workaround of PCI-e Performance For CK8/IO4 Erratum (6604971)

Unexplained Reboots With Hyper Transport Sync Flood Errors (6615927)

System Shuts Down While Attempting to Boot After a Thermal Shutdown (6494327)

High Failure Rate on 4-GB DIMM (6733371)

Extremely Low Temperatures Reported for Idle Processors (6554392)