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Sun Fire X4140, X4240, and X4440 Servers Product Notes

For Software Release 3.1




1. Software Release Features

Software Release Firmware Versions

Where To Find Firmware Updates

Where to Find ILOM Documentation

ILOM 2.0 Documentation

ILOM 3.0 Documentation

Specific Release Features

Software Release 1.0

Software Release 2.0

Software Release 2.1

Software Release 2.1.1

Software Release 2.2

Software Release 2.3

Software Release 3.0

Software Release 3.1

2. Upgrading Your Server Firmware

How to Flash Upgrade Your Server

How to Identify The Server Firmware Version

procedure iconsmall spaceDetermining the Firmware Version Using the CLI Through the Management Ethernet Port

procedure iconsmall spaceDetermining the Firmware Version Using the CLI Through the Serial Port

procedure iconsmall spaceDetermining the Firmware Version Using the Web Browser

Locating ILOM Service Processor Addresses

Resetting the SP

Updating the BIOS and ILOM Firmware

Updating the LSI Firmware

procedure iconsmall spaceRemote Console Method

procedure iconsmall spaceLocal Method

3. Service Processor (SP) Issues

ILOM Issues

SIA Issues

Solaris Issues

Service Processor Issues

Other Issues

ILOM Shows Virtual Floppy In Device Manager Even If Only CD ROM Image Is Redirected (6675901)

Intermittent Problems With Video and Virtual USB Emulation When Switching Between Multiple JavaRConsole Tabs (6606701)

Serial Port Settings in ILOM Might Require Reconfiguration After SP Reset (6647450)

ILOM SNMP Flash Upgrade is Not Supported--Use One of the Other Upgrade Methods (6626097)

SIA CD Expander Firmware Upgrade Function Does Not Work (6901074, 6899317)

SP Recovery Using Sun Installation Assistant Might Fail (6629255, 6644177)

Using IPMI to Create User Accounts Might Cause Problems (6574304)

Solaris OS Might Not Be Able to Format ILOM Virtual Floppy (6593484)

Using u-boot to Recover from SP Corruption (6626767)

Service Processor (SP) Disk FRU State Might Become Corrupt When Removing a Disk During SP Boot (6654843)

Virtual Floppy Drive Not Available in JavaRConsole Unless CD is Mounted First (6656250)

Error Messages Are Displayed When Incorrect ILOM Firmware Image is Selected (6681810)

Fan Board FRU Manufacturer Location Code Displayed In SP Does Not Match Data On The Physical Board (6732823)

Idle Screen is Corrupted When ILOM Web Interface Screen is Resized on a JavaRConsole Client (6688489)

HDD ok2rm Does Not Work In CLI or Web Interface (6726566)

Snapshot Attempts From CLI or BUI Gives an Error and Corrupted Output file (6709041)

Ipmiflash Exits With "Lost Contact With Host" (6694423)

0 Acc SNMP Request Against Sun Fire X4240, X4240, or X4440 Server Timeout (6733390)

Javarconsole Fails On Linux, "Division By Zero" Error Reported In Messages (6713566)

Running Snapshot/hdtl Sftp Full Option On SP Stops System POST (6737868)

SATA HDD or SSD FRU Information Not Found On SP (6812662)

4. Hardware and BIOS Issues



Hardware Issues

Adaptec RAID Card Failed Stripes Errors (6938724)

Determining If A Server Is HT3 Compatible

SATA SSD Configuration Notes

Sun Fire X4240 Server Cannot Boot With 3 Quad-Port NICs and SCSI HBA using BIOS42 (6786969)

Upgrading 2389 SE or 8389 SE CPUs

Sun Fire X4240 Server Might Not See Disks (6697760)

Sun StorageTek SAS 8-Port Internal HBA Firmware Version

Sun StorageTek SAS RAID Eight-Port, Internal HBA Firmware Version

Bus/Address Assignments Of Ports-2/3 Can Change With PCI-e Cards Onboard (6759450)

OS Installer Does Not See Hard Disk Drives (6549807)

Switching HBA Cards Might Renumber Disks (6564803)

Do Not Use Port 1 of the LSI Internal SAS HBA in a Sun Fire X4240 Server

LED Behavior Is Different Than Documented (6580675)

Sun Fire X4240 Server With LSI HBA Can Use 14 of 16 Hard Disk Drives in a RAID Array (6613780)

While Volume Resync Is in Progress, Removing a Drive From Another Volume Causes Resync to Start Over (6584821)

Do Not Remove Hard Disks During a RAID Resync Operation (6604060)

PS/2 Style Keyboard Plugged into KVM Does Not Respond During POST (6600715)

MPTBIOS and Linux Boot Error Messages with Multiple OpROM Cards Installed (6667530)

BIOS Issues

Servers with 2222SE/8224SE Have Sync Flood Errors After Upgrading BIOS (6834930)

Flash Upgrade Using Ipmiflash -i PCI Will Not Upgrade BIOS (6721497)

Flash Upgrade From to Doesn't Upgrade BIOS Intermittently (6710246)

BIOS ROM Memory (6774364)

6. PCI-X slot 1Memory in Unganged Mode (6695782 /6693114)

No POST When Installing Three 8000 Series CPUs and One 2000 Series CPU On X4440 Servers (6775959)

Prtdiag Reports 6 PCI-E Slots For X4140 Servers (6684807)

BIOS HDD Boot Ordering Changes On SATA Drives (6762709)

Memclock Value Of 533 Mhz Causes Continuous Sync Flood (6727700)

5. Software and Utilities Issues

Sun Installation Assistant (SIA)

Tools and Drivers CD

MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) Issues

Using the MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) ‘Locate LED’ Function Will Log Fault Events in IPMI SEL Log (6595106)

Creating New RAID Causes In-Process Rebuild of Another RAID1 to Reset (6611168)

List of Installed Disks Does Not Get Updated When a Foreign Disk is Removed (6607859)

Menu to Select Other Hosts is Not Available After Reboot (6607489)

Green LED on Drive Still Lit Even After Being Taken Offline by MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) (6606693)

6. Operating System Issues

Supported Operating Systems

Solaris Issues

Cross-Process Silent File Corruption During Abrupt Shutdown of a UFS File System (6577822)

Enabling Drive LEDs on Nvidia SATA SSDs (6803301)

Linux Issues

Red Hat or SUSE Linux Issues

Redirecting the Server Console to the Serial Port Using Linux Operating System Commands (6623089)

Steps to Enable Linux OS to See AMI Virtual CDROM/Floppy (6570949, 6603436)

Red Hat Linux

(RHEL 4.5) Sun Fire X4240/X4440 Quad-Core Systems Have Hypertransport Sync Flood Error Under High IO Load (6682186)

(RHEL 4.5 32-bit) OS Displays APIC error on CPUx: 40(40) (6590687)

(RHEL 4.5 64-bit) USB Port Becomes Inactive After OS Boot (6588236)

(RHEL 4.5 64-bit) dfrud Utility Occasionally Does Not Update SP FRU Data (6658442)

(RHEL 4.5) Non-Removable RAID Device Appearing to OS as Removable Device (6677394)

RHEL 5 and SLES 10 SP2 File I/O Performance Significantly Unbalanced (6546534)

(RHEL 4.7) USB EHCI Is Broken In RHEL 4.7 Stock Kernel (6745462)

(RHEL 4.8) Errors After Installing Nvidia Network Driver 1.38 for RHEL 4.8 (6899635, 6894503)

(RHEL 4.8) Inbox e1000 Driver in RHEL 4.8 May Cause an I/O Port Resource Assignment Issue (6899657, 6896622)

Heavy, Sustained Disk and Network I/O Might Cause Server to Hang or Display “Soft Lockup” Message (6609005, 6627637)

SUSE Linux

(SLES10 SP1) Disk FRU Information in SP Does Not Update Correctly After Simultaneous HDD Removals (6643935)

(SLES10 SP1) Fails to Boot After Migrating from a RAW Disk to a HW RAID1 (6645523)

(SLES 10 SP2) Error Messages Can Be Ignored From the dmesg Log (6595474)

(SLES10-SP1) Fails to Start After Boot Disk is Migrated to RAID1 (6600187, 6644934)

VMware Issues

(VMware 3.5) Installation Hangs on Software 3.1 When a Keyboard is Connected to a Front USB Port (6905218)

Harmless Error Messages Related To Insmod Failures On ESX 3.5. u2 (6763724)

Some Devices Marked as “Unknown” (6571936, 6587973)

VMware ESX Does Not Detect All Onboard NICs if PCIe Option Card Is Installed in Slots 2, 4 or 5 (6652529, 6623720)

When Installing Multiple RHEA HBAs, Do Not Install One of the RHEA HBAs in Slot 1 (6573995)

Windows Issues

SW3.0: Windows 2008 Installation Hangs While SGXPCIESAS-R-EXT-Z Card Is Inserted In SUT (6844737)

Using The Nvidia SATA Controller And The Latest Nvidia Driver with Windows Server 2008, No SSD LEDs Are Active (6793985)

Using IPMITool in Windows Environment Requires Installing Driver (6695007)


procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install the IPMI System Management Driver (Windows Server 2003 R2)

Windows Server 2003 Install Fails; Setup Can Not Detect USB Floppy drive (6553336)

Error: Sync Flood Appears in Event Log After OS Warm Boot (6641535)

Booting WinPE Causes Windows Blue Screen (6660183)

Standby Option Missing After Windows 2003 Installation (6655011)

System Error Event ID 1003 Reported In Event Viewer (6658446)

On Sun Fire X4140, X4240, and X4440 Systems With Windows Server 2008 32 Bit, OS Mapping Of Internal NIC Ports Is Different (6733863 )

7. Resolved Issues and Documentation Errata

Resolved Issues

OpROM Error Message in the POST Screen When LSI/Adaptec BIOS Utility is Invoked (6713600)

X4140 SMBIOS Reports 32 DIMMs Instead Of 16 DIMMs Physically Available (6764995)

SGXPCIESAS-R-INT-Z Card Firmware Should Be At Revision 15825 Or Newer For Best Performance (6747434)

Hard Disk Drive Power Management Using autopm

Redirecting the Server Console to the Serial Port Using Solaris Operating System Commands (6623089)

Using raidctl on a Failed Drive Can Produce an Error (6590675)

Sun Fire Servers with StorageTek SAS 8-Port Internal HBA Report SERR Events During Boot (6603801)

Time of Day Jumps Disrupting Time-Controlled Applications (6613085)

MAC Failure During Late Packet Collision Might Hang System (6648502)

Solaris GRUB Might Fail to Find Onboard Nvidia Network Interface Cards (6617677)

Solaris FMA Might Report Inaccurate PCI-e Slot Number Information (6653828)

(RHEL 4.5) Shows Incorrect System CPU Speed When AMD PowerNow Feature is Turned On (6614369)

Sun Fire X4240 Server Does Not Boot From CD or External Bootable Device (6669327)

QLogic 4G HBA Periodically Does Not Show Up in the Device List (6642133)

Properties Displayed for Non-Existent Fans (6639289)

Modifications to ILOM Serial Port Configurations Might Not Be Saved, or Change Unexpectedly (6632937)

Serial Port Settings Made Using ILOM Web Interface or CLI Might Not Save Properly (6648398)

Sun Fire X4140 Server Does Not Send ILOM Email Alerts (6649656)

No SNMP Trap Sent When a Sensor Event Occurs (6675315)

False Chassis Intrusion Events Logged (6671003, 6676862)

BIOS and ILOM Display Different System GUID (6650248)

Ethernet Activity Light Stays Steady On During High Traffic (6630669)

Error Message During POST Waits for F1 Keystroke to Resume (6680490)

AMD Erratum 326: Misaligned Load Operation Might Cause Processor Core Hang (6682358)

Disabling All PCI-e Card Option ROMs (OpROMs) Makes the System Non-Functional (6678276)

Errors Generated for Non-Existent Entries in PIRQ_Tables (6609245)

Intel D33025 PRO/1000 PT Desktop Adapter Does Not Allow Network Boot (6663738)

Displays Error During Boot with Option Cards Installed in Slots 2, 4 or 5 (6648377)

ILOM on a Sun Fire X4140 Server Becomes Unresponsive After 100+ Days (6787121)

Apparently Leaking Sockets (6789447)

Partially Resolved Issues

Unexpected Reboot Followed by Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error During POST (6682186)

Message: BIOS handoff failed Occurs During Installation of ESX (6639297)

BIOS Incorrectly Shows Label of Sun Fire X4240 on a Sun Fire X4440 Server (6689691)

Documentation Errata

Addendum to the Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager 2.0 User’s Guide Contains Information That Does Not Apply

Single CPU Configuration DDR2 DIMM Placement