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Sun StorageTek RAID Manager Software Release Notes

Release 5.50.0



Sun StorageTek RAID Manager Software Release Notes

Package Components and Versions in This Release

Release Package Component Versions

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Verify the Driver Version On The System

New Feature In This Release

Supported Operating Systems, Servers, and Storage Systems

Supported Operating Systems

Server Support

Storage System Support

Installing Packages and Patches

Known Issues

GUI Issues

The Sun StorageTek RAID Manager GUI Does Not Work With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (6582144)

Cannot Log Into the GUI From the Local Host of an HBA Due to Permissions Issues (6825566)

It is Not Obvious How to Uniquely Identify a JBOD in the GUI

The Number of Temperature Sensors Displayed in the GUI Is Different From the Number Displayed in the CLI (6676918)

The Hot-Spare Information For Logical Drives is Inconsistent Between the CLI and the GUI (6716334)

The GUI Displays a Logical Drive as Optimal But Reports One or More Bad Stripes on the Drive (6722814)

The GUI Displays Logical Drives as Failed When a Blade or JBOD is Powered Off

After Upgrading the Expander Firmware on a Sun Storage J4500 JBOD, the GUI Continues to Display the Old Firmware Version (6739921)

The Backspace and Delete Keys Might Not Work In the GUI (6618707)

Operating System Compatibility Issues

When Rescanning or Creating a Logical Volume, the VMware ESX Server Technology Might Time Out (6683619)

Documentation Issues

The Documentation References HBAs But the GUI References Controllers

The Documentation References Arrays But the GUI References Logical Drives

Release Documentation

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