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LSI SNMP Utility

The LSI (SAS IR) SNMP utility is used over SAS connections to monitor MSM activity from a remote station for Windows Server 2003 systems and Linux systems. The LSI SNMP agent requires installation of SNMP service on the server side followed by installation of the LSI SNMP agent on the remote station.

This chapter includes the following sections:

Installing and Configuring SNMP Service

This section includes the following topics:

Note - You must install and configure SNMP service before installing the LSI
(SAS IR) SNMP Agent.

procedure icon  To Install the SNMP Service on the Server Side on Windows Server 2003

Note - To complete this procedure, you will need the Windows Server 2003 CD that came with your system.

If the SNMP service has already been installed and configured, skip this procedure.

1. Open the Control Panel and click Add/Remove Programs.

The Add/Remove Programs window displays.

2. Click Add/Remove Windows Components in the left side of the Add/Remove Programs window.

3. Select Management and Monitoring Tools.

4. Click Next.

5. Insert the Windows Server 2003 CD when prompted.

The Windows Server 2003 OS extracts the necessary SNMP files and installs the SNMP service on your server.

procedure icon  To Configure the SNMP Service on the Server Side on Windows Server 2003

1. Open the Control Panel and click Administrative Tools.

2. Click Services in Administrative Tools window.

3. Select SNMP Service in the Services window.

4. Open SNMP Service.

5. Click the Security tab and select the Accept SNMP Packets From Any Host.

6. If you want to send traps to a host IP, click the Traps tab and select from the list of host IPs.

Installing and Configuring the SNMP Server on the Server Side on Linux

Linux comes with a SNMP server. However, the RPM included in the LSI package needs to be installed on the system that is to be monitored, that is, the system with LSI Raid.

procedure icon  To Install the SNMP Agent

1. Unzip SAS_IR_SNMP_Linux_Installer-3.xx.xxx.zip.

2. Uncompress sas_ir_snmp.tar.gz.

Note - On SLES10, before running the following command, copy /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf to /etc/snmpd.conf. After running the command, copy /etc/snmpd.conf back to /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf.

3. Run rpm -ivh sas_ir_snmp-3.09.0000.i386.rpm.

4. To allow a client machine to run SNMP queries on the server, modify the snmpd.conf file by adding this line:

   com2sec   snmpclient   public

where is the IP address of the client from which SNMP queries are sent.

5. To configure the server to send traps to remote clients automatically, add the following line to
/etc/lsi_mrdsnmp/sas-ir/sas_ir_TrapDestination.conf:    public

where is the IP address of the machine you wish to send traps to.

Installing LSI SNMP on a Remote Station

The LSI (SAS IR) SNMP Agent is installed on the remote station to access the server with MSM and Windows Server 2003 installed.

This section has the following topics:

procedure icon  To Download the LSI SNMP Agent Files

This procedure describes how to download the necessary files for the LSI (SAS IR) SNMP Agent for Windows Server 2003 systems.

Note - Before you install the SAS IR Agent, verify that the SNMP service is already installed and configured on the system. If the SNMP Service is not installed on your system, refer to Installing and Configuring SNMP Service.

To install the SNMP files on the remote station:

1. Find the following files:

Note - This file is not on the CD or in the online downloads. To obtain it contact your Sun service representative. (Refer to CR 6578969.)

2. Place the SUN-PLATFORM-MIB.mib file in a folder on the remote station, where you can compile the file.

3. Place the SAS-IR_SNMP_Win_Installer-3.11-0000.zip or the SAS-IR_SNMP_Linux_Installer-3.xx-xxxx.zip file on the remote station in a separate folder where you can extract the files.

procedure icon  To Install SNMP Files on a Remote Station

1. Compile the SUN-PLATFORM-MIB.mib file in the directory you selected.

2. Extract the files from the SAS-IR_SNMP_Win_Installer-3.11-0000.zip or the SAS-IR_SNMP_Linux_Installer-3.xx-xxxx.zip.

The zipped file contains the following files and folders:

3. Open the DISK1 folder and run setup.exe to install the LSI (SAS IR) SNMP Agent on the remote system.

4. Use the SNMP Manager to retrieve the SAS IR data and monitor the MSM activity on the server from the remote station.

Note - The trap function of SNMP is described in the Integrated Lights Out Management (ILOM) documentation available on your product documentation web site. You will need the MIB file, LSI-megaRAID_Sas_IR.mib. This MIB describes the LSI SNMP traps and this MIB must be compiled into the trap-catching utility.