C H A P T E R  8

Introduction to the Sun Fire X4540 Server

This chapter introduces you to the Sun Fire X4540 Server and describes important features.

The following information is covered in this chapter:

X4540 Server Features

The Sun Fire X4540 server is a mid-level, modular, rack-optimized server in the Sun x64 product family. The family platform includes servers engineered for AMD Opteron CPUs. The Sun Fire X4540 server deploys into commercial server markets in a slide-mounted, horizontally-biased enclosure for rack cabinet installations, primarily in datacenter locations.

The Sun Fire X4540 server includes an extensive set of reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features, such as hot-pluggable and redundant hard disk drives (when RAID 1 is used), and hot-swappable fans, and power supplies. The servers also provide an integrated lights out management (ILOM) service processor function that includes remote boot and remote software upgrades.

TABLE 8-1 summarizes the features of the Sun Fire X4540 server.

TABLE 8-1 Summary of X4540 Server Features

Feature or Component

Sun Fire X4540 Server


Two AMD Opteron 2000 Series CPUs, Quad-Core, 2-socket configuration

Processor BIOS

8-Mb Flash with LPC interface.


16 DIMM slots (8 per processor), up to 4 GB per DIMM (64 GB per system). 128-bit DDR2 interface (2x64-bit data+2x8-bit ECC)

Hard disk drives (HDDs)

Up to forty-eight 3.5 SATA drives, of 250/500/750GB/1TB capacity each (over 48 TB total system capacity), supports SATA II, 3.0Gb/s.

Service Processor

Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM).

Refer to the ILOM documentation (see the Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Administration Guide (819-0280).

RAID options

RAID is configured through software.

Network I/O

  • Four 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet ports (RJ-45 connectors)
  • One 10/100BASE-T Ethernet net management port (RJ-45 Connector) NET MGT
  • One RS-232 serial port (RJ-45 Connector) SER MGT (see Serial Port)

Serial Port

RS-232 serial interface, RJ45 connector

Console only, no modem support (no RI, PPP)

Connected to ILOM by default

Default parameters

  • 9600 baud
  • 8 data bits
  • No parity
  • 1 stop bit
  • No flow control


Three PCI-e slots, 8-laneslot (x8), LSI SAS 1068E.

  • Six SATA Controllers on IO Board, LSI SATA controller x 6. Each controller supports 8 HDDs
  • 51.5 mm (2.5 inches) maximum height
  • 169.3 mm (6.7 inches) maximum length

Other I/O

  • Four USB 2.0 ports
  • One VGA video port
  • Compact flash card slot


1500 W DC max output per power supply, two bays, 1+1 redundancy, hot-swappable.

1130 W AC max system input power = 3856 BTU/hr = 0.321 tons of air conditioning, 200-240 VAC.


Five fan modules; also additional fans in each power supply.

Cooling is front-to-back forced air. Hot swappable, Variable speed, 7500 R.P.M. max, Top loading, Fault/OK LEDs,1.8A / 18W, SATA connector.

The SP software controls the fan speed and detects fan failure.

Operation terminates if a fan tray is removed.

NOTE: Do not operate the system with a fan removed for more than 60 seconds.

Exterior Features, Controls, and Indicators

This section describes the features, controls, and indicators on the front and rear panels of the Sun Fire X4540 server.

Front Panel

FIGURE 8-1 shows the front panel. FIGURE 8-2 shows a close up of the controls and indicators.

FIGURE 8-1 Sun Fire X4540 Server Front Panel Features

Graphic showing the X4540 server front panel.

FIGURE 8-2 Sun Fire X4540 Server Front Panel Controls and Indicators

Graphic showing the X4540 server front panel controls and indicators.

TABLE 8-2 Sun Fire X4540 Server Front Panel Controls and Indicators






Locate button/LED


Operators can turn this LED on remotely to help them locate the server in a crowded server room. Press to turn off.


Service action required


On - When service action is required.




Steady - Power is on.

Blink - Standby power is on but main power is off.

Off - Power is off.


System power button


To power on main power for all the server components.


Top failure LED


On - HDD or fan fault.


Rear failure LED


On - Power supply or system controller fault (service is required).


Over temperature LED


On - When system is over temperature.

FIGURE 8-3 shows the rear panel features.

FIGURE 8-3 Sun Fire X4540 Server Rear Panel

 [ D ]

TABLE 8-3 Rear Panel Features





AC power connectors

Verify that the PS LEDs are green. Each power supply has its own AC connector with a clip to secure its power cable.


Chassis ground

Connect grounding straps here.


0 PCI-e, 1 PCI-e, 2 PCI-e

Slots for three PCI-e cards.


Locate button/LED

White Operators can turn this LED On remotely to help then locate the server in a crowded server room. Press to turn off.


Fault LED

Amber - When on, service action required.

Steady - Power is On.
Off - Power is Off.



Green - Service action allowed.

When On, service action is required.

Blink - Standby power is On but main power is Off.


SVC Service buttons

SP - Reset Service Processor.

NMI - Non-Maskable Interrupt dump. Sends an NMI to the CPU. Used for debugging only.

Host - Reset Host Bus Adapter.

Do not use these buttons unless instructed by Sun service personnel. To operate these buttons, insert a stylus or a straightened paper clip into the recess.


SC - System controller status LEDs

Blue - Ready to remove.

Amber - Fault, service action required.

Green - Operational, no action required.



Serial management port (serial connection to service processor).



Net management and service processor port.



GigabitEthernet ports connect server to Ethernet.


USB connectors

Connect USB devices.


Video connector

Connect video monitor.


Compact flash (CF) card

Insert compact flash card devices.

Disk Drive and Fan Tray LEDs

FIGURE 8-4 shows the location of the internal LEDs.

FIGURE 8-5 shows a close-up view of the disk drive and fan trays, including the symbols that identify the LEDs.

FIGURE 8-4 Disk Drive Locations

Diagram showing the locations of the disk drive and fan tray LEDs.

FIGURE 8-5 Disk Drive and Fan Tray LEDs

Diagram showing the locations of the disk drive and fan tray LEDs.

About Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability Features

Reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) are aspects of a system’s design that affect its ability to operate continuously and to minimize the time necessary to service the system. Together, reliability, availability, and serviceability features provide for near continuous system operation.

Reliability refers to a system’s ability to operate continuously without failures and to maintain data integrity. System availability refers to the percentage of time that a system remains accessible and usable. Serviceability relates to the time it takes to restore a system to service following a system failure.

To deliver high levels of reliability, availability and serviceability, the Sun Fire X4540 Server system offers the following features:

Hot-Pluggable and Hot-Swappable Components

Sun Fire X4540 Server hardware is designed to support hot-pluggable and
hot-swappable components. Hot-plugging and hot-swapping are cost-effective solutions that provides increased system availability and continuous serviceability for business-critical computing environments, by providing the ability to:

Hot-pluggable Components Overview

The Sun Fire X4540 server hot-plug technology allows a component to be added, upgraded, or replaced while the system is running without affecting hardware integrity.

Hot-plugging provides the ability to physically add, remove, or replace a hard disk drive while the system is running, and other hard disks in the system provide continuous service. When a hot-pluggable component is removed from the Sun Fire X4540 server, it must be taken offline from the operating system first, but does not require that the server be powered off.

On the Sun Fire X4540 server, you can hot-plug the following components.

TABLE 8-4 Sun Fire X4540 Hot-Pluggable Devices


Part Number

250 GB SATA 3.5 Hard Disk Drive


500 GB SATA 3.5 Hard Disk Drive


750 GB SATA 3.5 Hard Disk Drive


1 TB SATA 3.5 Hard Disk Drive


For instructions on hot-plugging components, see the following:

Hot-swappable Components Overview

A hot-swappable component can be removed or replaced without affecting software integrity. A component that is removed does not need to be taken offline from the operating system first.

On the Sun Fire X4540 server, you can hot-swap the following components:

TABLE 8-5 Sun Fire X4540 Hot-Swappable Devices (Partial List)


Part Number

Power supply (type A205)


Fan module


For more information about updating the Sun Fire X4540 Server, product updates, or for the most up-to-date list of replaceable components, refer to the Sun Fire X4540 Server Service Manual (819-4359), and the Sun Fire X4540 Server Product Notes (820-4869).