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Sun Fire X4600 and Sun Fire X4600 M2 Servers Service Manual

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1.  Introduction to the Sun Fire X4600/X4600 M2 Servers

2.  Powering On and Configuring BIOS Settings

3.  Maintaining the Sun Fire X4600/X4600 M2 Servers

A.  System Specifications

A.1 Sun Fire X4600/X4600 M2 Specifications

A.2 PCI-E Slot Information


C.  LEDs and Jumpers

D.  Connector Pinouts

E.  Serial Attached SCSI BIOS Configuration Utility

F.  CPU Modules and Memory DIMMs

G.  Power Supplies


Appendix A

System Specifications

This appendix contains physical, power, environmental, and acoustic noise emission specifications for the Sun Fire X4600/X4600 M2 Servers. PCI-E slot information is also included.

Note - The information in this appendix applies to the original Sun Fire X4600 server, and to the Sun Fire X4600 M2 server, unless otherwise noted in the text.

A.1 Sun Fire X4600/X4600 M2 Specifications

Sun Fire X4600/X4600 M2 Physical Specifications
17.5 inches (445 mm)
6.9 inches (176 mm)
Chassis with bezel: 24.75 (629 mm)

Chassis, bezel, and rear power supply latches: 25.25 inches (642 mm)

Maximum standalone server: 88 pounds (40 kg)

Maximum with orderable rack-mount kit and cable management arm: 106 pounds (48 kg)

Sun Fire X4600/X4600 M2 Power Specifications
Universal AC Input
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Maximum input current at 200 VAC
10 A
Maximum input current at 100 VAC
20 A
Maximum power available
1975 W
Maximum power consumed
1715 W
Sun Fire X4600/X4600 M2 Environmental Specifications
Temperature (operating)
41 – 90 °F 5 – 32 °C
Temperature (storage)
-40 – 149 °F -40 – 65 °C
20% – 90% non-condensing
Operating altitude
0 – 10,000 feet (0 - 3048 m) maximum

Derate operating temperature 1.8 °F (1 °C) per 985 feet (300 m) above 2955 feet (900 m) altitude

Sun Fire X4600/X4600 M2 Acoustic Noise Emission Specifications contains the declared noise emissions in accordance with ISO 9296, A-weighted, operating and idling.

Sun Fire X4600/X4600 M2 Acoustic Noise Emission Specifications
LWAd (sound power)

   at or below 25 °C
8.2 B
   above 25 °C
9.0 B
LpAm (average bystander sound pressure)

   at or below 25 °C
67 dB
   above 25 °C
75 dB

A.2 PCI-E Slot Information

For higher throughput cards, PCI-E slots 3 and 6 are preferred.

2 0x04 0x00/0x0d ck08-xvr1 x08 x08 256B

3 0x05 0x00/0x0e ck08-xvr0 x16 x08 512B

4 0x03 0x00/0x0c ck08-xvr2 x04 x04 128B

5 0x83 0x80/0x0d io4 -xvr1 x08 x08 256B

6 0x84 0x80/0x0e io4 -xvr0 x16 x08 512B

7 0x82 0x80/0c0c io4 -xvr2 x04 x04 128B