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Suntrademark Storage J4500 Array Product Notes



Sun Storage J4500 Array Product Notes

Supported Server Platforms

Supported Host Bus Adapters

Supported Configurations

For multipath support, newer versions of HBA and array fimrware and drivers might be required. Refer to the Sun Storage J4500 Array System Overview (820-3163).Latest Software Updates

Latest Firmware Updates

Hardware Issues

Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server With Sun Storage J4500 Unable to Boot From the Network (6666703)

Removing a J4500 Power Supply Without First Unplugging AC Power Will Power Off the Array (6721256)

Loss of Cable or Connector Phys Can Cause Performance Degradation Without Generating an Alert (6731647)

Array Management General Issues

Sun Common Array Manager Support for the Sun Storage J4500 Array

Sun Common Array Manager Does Not Report Over-Temperature Condition (6741036)

Array Name Listed by Common Array Manager Does Not Match Array WWN Label (6745468)

Old Array Name Displayed After Moving SAS Cable From J4500 SAS A to SAS B (6738923)

No Array Fault LEDs Light When a Disk is Removed, But An Alarm is Logged (6731624)

Baseline Firmware Update Fails With FWR_DEVICE_ERROR, 4 (6744983)

Solaris 10 5/08 Patch Required to Use Common Array Manager (CAM)

Diagnostics Issues

Locating Diagnostics Documentation

Solaris Issues

ZFS Forces a Flush of the NVRAM on the StorageTek SAS RAID External HBA When Completing Synchronous Writes, Which Impacts Performance

Unable to Install SPARC Solaris on Sun Storage J4500 External Drives with StorageTek SAS RAID HBA (6698440)

Linux Issues

Array Hot-Plug Actions Not Supported on Linux (6741578, 6688831)

Windows Issues

Updated Driver Files Required for Windows (6679125)

Sun StorageTek SAS RAID External Host Bus Adapter Issues

Newly Installed Drives Show as Failed With Red “X” (6669248)

Creating Volumes Using the HBA BIOS Utility Might Affect an Internal System Boot Device (6694218)

Creating Volumes Using the HBA BIOS Utility Might Affect StorageTek RAID Manager Performance (6686753)

The Space Bar and Delete Keys Do Not Work When Changing a Logical Disk Label (6618707)

Deleting a Logical Drive Without Deleting a Partition

Returning a Non-Failed Drive to a Ready State

Switching SAS Cables or Making New Connections (6740104, 6729675)

Manual Rescan Fails After a J4500 Firmware Update (6740110)

Host Loses Communications With Both the HBA and Array Some Time After a Server Reboot (6743084)

StorageTek RAID Manager Agent (ADPTstor_agent) Processes Affect I/O Performance on Solaris (6742727)

StorageTek RAID Manager Device Properties Shows Old J4500 Firmware Version After Update (6739921)

Sun StorageTek SAS External Host Bus Adapter Issues

After Configuration Change, One or More Disks Might Be Seen as Removed to Host and Management Software (6720242)

Disks Intermittently Suffer Degraded I/O Performance and Errors (6724252)

192 Disks on a Single HBA (6792256)

Host is Unable to See Zoned Disks After Moving SAS Cable (6824323)

Documentation Issues

CMA Information in the X4500-J Slide Rail Installation Guide is Incorrect

Management Options When Using the StorageTek ExpressModule SAS External HBA (LSI-Based)