FIGURE 1-1 small spaceDomain View Showing Icons for Some Supported Platforms

FIGURE 1-2 small spaceBrowser View for Sun Fire V250 Showing Physical Components, Device Information, and Environmental Sensors

FIGURE 1-3 small spaceSection of the Sun Fire V250 Logical View

FIGURE 1-4 small spaceSun Fire V250 Physical View--Front

FIGURE 1-5 small spaceSun Fire V250 Physical View--Rear

FIGURE 2-1 small spaceInstallation Process Flow

FIGURE 3-1 small spacePhysical Components Showing Location and Description Columns (Sun Fire V250 Shown)

FIGURE 3-2 small spacePart of the Logical Device Table Showing Indicators (Sun Fire V250 Shown)

FIGURE 3-3 small spaceNumeric Voltage Sensors and Voltage Threshold Sensors Tables (Sun Fire V250 Shown)