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Sun Flash PROM Guide for Workstations and Workgroup Servers

For Sun Ultratrademark 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60, 80 Systems Sun Enterprisetrademark 220R, 250, 420R Systems Ultra Enterprisetrademark 450 System Sun Bladetrademark 100, 1000 Systems Sun Firetrademark V210, V240, 280R, V440, V480, V490, V880, V890 Systems Sun Netra trademark T4, 240 Systems



1. Changing Flash PROM Jumpers

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Changing Flash PROM Jumpers

1.2.1 Changing Jumper or Keyswitch Settings

1.3 Flash PROM Jumper Locations and Settings

1.3.1 Flash PROM Jumper Locations

1.3.2 Flash PROM Jumper Settings

2. Updating the Flash PROM Using Utility Version 2.0 or Later

2.1 Updating the Flash PROM

2.1.1 Before You Begin

2.1.2 What to Do

2.2 Error Messages

2.2.1 Example 1--Write-Protect/Write-Enable Jumper Message on System With No Front Panel Keyswitch

2.2.2 Example 2--Write-Protect/Write-Enable Jumper Message on System With Front Panel Keyswitch

2.2.3 Example 3--NVRAM Configuration Variable

2.2.4 Example 4--Flash PROM Sectors Protected

3. Setting Up a Flash PROM Boot Server

3.1 Using Volume Manager to Install Flash PROM Packages

3.1.1 Checking Volume Manager Status

3.1.2 Installing Packages With Volume Manager

3.1.3 Installing Packages Without Volume Manager

3.2 Booting the Utility From the Server

3.2.1 Booting the Utility as a Client

3.2.2 Booting the Utility as a Server

3.3 Package Names and Contents

A. Power Interruption During Updating

B. Updating the Flash PROM Using Utility Versions Earlier Than 2.0