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Setting Up the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation

This chapter includes information about the following topics:

1.1 Safety Information

Refer to the following document for safety information regarding the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation:

1.2 Planning the Installation

Use the following flowchart as a process tool to assist you with installation of the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation.

FIGURE 1-1 Flowchart for Installing the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation

Flowchart showing the installation process that is documented in this guide. Unpack, install optional components, connect the monitor and external device cables, apply power, install the OS or configure Solaris, and install supplemental drivers if necessary.

1.3 Unpacking the Workstation

Carefully unpack all workstation components from the packing cartons. The following items are contained in the package.

An optional country accessory kit, which includes a power cable, keyboard, and a mouse, is packaged separately from the other items (if ordered).

FIGURE 1-2 Sun Ultra 20 Workstation Kit Contents

Figure showing contents of the workstation ship kit.

1.3.1 Front Panel Overview

FIGURE 1-3 Front Panel of the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation

Figure showing the front panel of the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation.[ D ]

Figure showing the front panel of the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation.[ D ]

Figure showing the front panel of the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation.[ D ]

TABLE 1-1 Front Panel of the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation






Power button


Two USB ports


Power LED


Microphone-in jack


Two 1394 (FireWire) ports


Headphone-out jack

1.3.2 Back Panel Overview

FIGURE 1-4 Back Panel of the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation

 [ D ]

 [ D ]

 [ D ]

TABLE 1-2 Back Panel of the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation






Power connector


Ethernet connector


Power switch


Four USB connectors


Onboard HDI15 video connector


PCI Express x16 graphics slot


Microphone jack


Four PCI slots


Line-in jack


Two PCI Express x1 slots


Line-out jack

1.4 Cabling the Workstation

FIGURE 1-5 illustrates the cable connections for the workstation.

FIGURE 1-5 Cable Connections

Figure showing cable connections for the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation

Connect the workstation and external devices in this order:

1. Connect the workstation power cord to a grounded electrical outlet.

2. Connect the keyboard and mouse to the USB connectors on the back panel.

3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet connector on the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation, and connect the other end of the cable to an Ethernet RJ-45 jack.

4. Connect the monitor cable as follows:

Your graphics card may require a DVI cable to connect to your monitor. Systems with a NVS280 or NVS285 video card installed include a Dual DVI-I DMS-59 cable (both ends are digital); a VGA to DVI adapter is required to connect to analog monitors.

Note - The onboard video card is disabled by default when a graphics card is installed. To enable the onboard video card, follow the instructions in the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation User Guide, Appendix B.

FIGURE 1-6 Connecting the Monitor

Figure showing two systems, top has monitor connected to onboard video connector, bottom shows monitor connected to a graphics card in the PCI Express slot.

5. Connect any additional external devices to the workstation's other connectors.

1.5 Powering On the Workstation

Tip - If you are installing optional internal components such as additional DIMMs, PCI cards, optical drives, or hard drives, install those components before you power on the workstation. If you are not installing optional components, you are ready to power on the workstation.

1. Turn on the power to the monitor and to all external devices.

2. Turn the power switch on the rear of the workstation to the On ( | ) position.

3. Press and release the workstation Power button on the front panel (see FIGURE 1-3).

4. After several seconds, verify that the platform power LED next to the Power button lights.

The platform power LED on the Power button lights after the workstation begins the internal booting process (see FIGURE 1-3).

5. If you are powering on the workstation for the first time, install the operating system or configure the preinstalled operating system after the system is finished booting.

1.6 Powering Off the Workstation

1. Save your data and close any open applications.

2. Read all of the following power-off options before powering off the workstation:

In most cases, this powers down the operating system and then turns off the power to the workstation.

This initiates an orderly shutdown of the operating system and powers off the workstation.

caution icon

Caution - To avoid data loss, use the preceding two options whenever possible.

This shuts down the power to the workstation but does not initiate an orderly shutdown of the system. This method could result in data loss.

If the preceding options fail to power off the workstation, see "Troubleshooting" in the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation User Guide, 819-2146, for more options.

Note - After powering off the workstation, wait at least four seconds before powering on the workstation again.