Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Installation Guide

Checking Package Contents

Carefully unpack all workstation components from the packing cartons. The following items are contained in the package.


  • Sun Ultra 27 Workstation

  • DMS-59 cable (if the workstation is configured with an NVS290 graphics card)

Documentation and Media Kit 

  • Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Installation Guide (this document)

  • Where to Find Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Documentation (lists available online documents for this product)

  • Sun safety, warranty, and license documents

  • Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Tools and Drivers DVD (for more information, see Additional Tools and Software)

  • Sun VTS CD

If you ordered an optional country kit, the kit ships in a separate package and includes a power cable, keyboard, and mouse.

Note –

Use only a Type 7 keyboard and mouse with the Sun Ultra 27 Workstation.