Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Configure the Preinstalled Solaris 10 OS

  1. Power on the workstation (see Powering the Workstation On and Off).

  2. Answer the prompts by following the onscreen instructions and referring to the table of information that you collected.

  3. When you finish the configuration, the system reboots.

  4. Type the default user name and password to log in and begin using the workstation.

    default user name: root

    default password: changeme

  5. Review the Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Product Notes for any late-breaking information about your preinstalled software.

  6. Make a system OS backup.

    The backup is used to restore the OS.

    The Solaris 10 System Administration Collection includes instructions for backing up your OS and is available at