Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Installation Guide

Powering the Workstation On and Off

This section describes how to properly power on and off your workstation.

ProcedureTo Power On the Workstation

  1. Turn on the power to the monitor and to all external devices.

  2. Turn the power switch on the back of the workstation to the On ( | ) position.

  3. Press and release the power switch on the front panel.

  4. After several seconds, verify that the Power LED next to the power switch is lit.

    The Power LED lights up after the workstation begins the internal booting process.

  5. To change the system parameters in the BIOS, press the F2 key during the POST process to access the BIOS Setup Utility.

    Caution – Caution –

    Be careful when making changes to the system BIOS, as some changes can cause your system to malfunction. See the Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Service Manual for information about the BIOS Setup Utility.

ProcedureTo Power Off the Workstation

  1. Save your data and close any open applications.

  2. Use one of the following power-off options:

    1. Use the operating system shutdown command or menu option.

      Caution – Caution –

      To avoid data loss, use the first option whenever possible.

    2. If the first step does not shut off the workstation power, press and hold the Power button for approximately four seconds.

    3. If the preceding options do not power off the workstation, turn the power switch on the back panel to the Off ( 0 ) position.

    Note –

    After powering off the workstation, wait at least 10 seconds before powering on the workstation again.