Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Installation Guide

Setting Up the Workstation

This section describes how to connect the power, peripheral devices, and the network.

Note –

For maximum reliability and performance, install your workstation into an environment that conforms to the environmental specifications listed in the section, Environmental Specifications, and ensure correct configuration of the workstation as discussed in this document.

ProcedureTo Set Up the Workstation

  1. Connect the workstation power cord to a grounded electrical outlet.

    An illustration showing how to connect power, peripherals,
and network to the workstation.
  2. Connect the keyboard to a USB connector on the back or front panel.

  3. Connect the mouse to the USB connector on the underside of the keyboard or to a USB connector on the front or back panel.

  4. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Sun Ultra 27 Workstation, and connect the other end of the cable to an Ethernet RJ-45 jack.

  5. Connect the monitor to the graphics card connector.

    For information about connecting multiple monitors, see Appendix A, Configuring the System for Multiple Monitors.

    An illustration showing how to connect a monitor to the
    Note –

    Your graphics card might require a DVI cable to connect to your monitor.

  6. Connect any additional external devices to the workstation using the front or back connectors.

    If you are adding an external boot device, see the section, Adding and Removing Boot Devices .