Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Installation Guide

Getting Technical Assistance

If the troubleshooting procedures in this appendix fail to solve your problem, use Table B–2 to collect information that you might need to communicate to the support personnel.

Note –

Table B–3 lists Sun web sites and telephone numbers for additional technical support.

Table B–2 System Configuration Information Required for Support  

System Configuration Information Needed 

Your Information 

Sun service contract number 


System model 


Operating system, including service pack number or update number 


System serial number 


Peripherals attached to the system 


Hardware configuration information, including the following:  

  • Graphics card installed

  • PCI or PCI Express cards installed

  • Amount of memory

  • Processor speed

  • Optical disk type


Email address and phone number for you and a secondary contact 


Street address where the system is located 


Superuser password 


Summary of the problem and the work being done when the problem occurred 


Output of diagnostics test, if applicable 


Other useful information 

IP address 


Workstation name (system host name) 


Network or Internet domain name 


Proxy server configuration 


Table B–3 Sun Web Sites and Telephone Numbers  

Workstation Documents and Support Resources 

URL or Telephone Number 

Discussion and troubleshooting forums

Support, diagnostic tools, and alerts for all Sun products

Software patches, lists of system specifications, troubleshooting and maintenance information, and other tools

Service support phone numbers 

1-800-872-4786 (1-800-USA-4Sun). Select Option 1 

International telephone numbers for Sun Service Support

Warranty and contract support contacts; links to other service tools

Warranties for Sun products