Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Windows Operating System Installation Guide

Manual Installation

This section provides an overview to the steps required to manually install Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Server 2008, or Windows XP locally on your workstation.

Note –

If you plan to use a Windows Deployment Services server to install Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows Server 2008 to your workstation, see Chapter 8, Incorporating Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Drivers Into a WIM Image (Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Server 2008 Only).

To install Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Server 2008, or Windows XP from CD media onto your workstation, complete the following procedures in order:

  1. Download driver packages (see Chapter 2, Downloading Driver Packages).

  2. Prepare the mass storage drivers media for Windows XP installations. See Chapter 6, Installing Windows XP .

  3. Prepare workstation internal storage for Windows installation (see Chapter 3, Preparing Disks for the Operating System).

  4. Install Windows. See one of these chapters:

  5. Update the critical workstation drivers (see Chapter 7, Updating the Critical Drivers and Software).

After completing these procedures, you will have successfully installed the Windows operating system.