Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Product Notes

Linux Issues

The following issues apply to a Sun Ultra 27 workstation running a Linux OS:

SUSE-Specific Issues:

Red Hat and General Linux-Related Issues:

On SLED 11 64–Bit, X-Server Might Fail to Start on a Dual Display System that Uses the Nvidia FX 3800 Card


Open a terminal and run nvidial-xconfig -a and then restart X-server.

On SLED 11 64–Bit, LSI MSM RAID Manager Requires Specific RPM


Download and install compat-libstdc++-5.0.7–121.1x86.rpm before installing LSI MSM RAID Manager.

A dmesg Error Occurs on SLED 10 SP2 64–bit


Download and update the latest kernel from the Novell website at:

Firefox Fails to Launch in SLED 10 SP2 64-bit

The following message will appear when launching Firefox:

/usr/lib/firefox/firefox-bin: error while loading share libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

There is a shared library error with the RealTek audio driver and the preinstalled Firefox web browser.


Download and install the latest version of Firefox at:

Unknown CPU Information is Shown in HAL Device Manager

For Linux operating systems, the HAL Device Manager shows Unknown for CPU information.

This issue is under investigation.

Automount Might Cause a Permission Problem When is Executed

For Linux operating systems, executing might cause a permission error message.


Manually mount the Tools and Drivers DVD using the following commands:

# init 3 (login as root)

# mount /dev/cdrom /mnt

# /mnt/drivers/linux/OS/

where OS is either red_hat or suse

Limited RAID Support in Linux Operating Systems

Current released versions of Linux operating systems do not have support for RAID through the on-board ICH10R controller, but RAID is supported through the LSI3041E HBA.

Error Message Appears in Red Hat 5.1 and 5.2 Operating System

The following error messages might appear in dmesg and /var/log/messages:

kernel: ata2: spurious interrupt (irq_stat 0x4 active_tag -84148995 sactive 0x3)

This issue is under investigation.

System Fails to Perform PXE Installation of Linux Operating Systems

The system can successfully PXE boot from the on-board Intel 82567LM-2 NIC, but Red Hat and SUSE installation setups fail to detect the NIC. Current released versions of Red Hat and SUSE do not support the Intel 82567LM-2 NIC.

Please wait until RHEL 4.8, RHEL 5.3, SLED10 SP3, and SLED 11 for built-in 82567LM-2 Ethernet support or perform the following workaround.


Install a PCI/PCIe NIC card, and then PXE install from the new NIC.


Do a CD/DVD installation, and then run the following command to install all (graphics, NIC, audio) drivers:


where tools_and_drivers is the location of the Tools and Drivers DVD, and OS is the directory of the operating system (either red_hat or suse).

Older Versions of Linux Operating Systems Do Not Support AHCI

The operating system installation setup does not detect the hard drive or CD/DVD media. You will have to configure SATA as IDE in the system BIOS to work around this issue.

See theSun Ultra 27 Workstation Linux, OpenSolaris and Solaris Operating System Installation Guide for instructions.