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Sun Fire X4800 Server Service Manual
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Change History

Sun Fire X4800 Server Service Manual Overview

Server and Component Overview

Sun Fire X4800 Server Overview

Component Overviews

Power and Reset

Power Modes

Power Button and Power OK LED

How to Power On the Server

How to Power Off the Server

Controlling Server Power Remotely

Removing and Installing Components

Preparing for Service and Operation

Removal and Installation Procedures

Removing and Installing a Power Supply (CRU)

Removing and Installing a Hard Drive (CRU)

Removing and Installing a Hard Drive Filler

Replacing the Hard Drive Backplane (FRU)

Adding, Removing, and Installing a CMOD (CRU)

CPU Module (CMOD) Designation and Population Rules

Removing and Installing a CMOD Filler

How to Replace the CMOD Battery (CRU)

Removing and Installing DIMMs (CRU)

DIMM Population Rules

Removing and Installing a RAID Expansion Module (CRU)

How to Replace the RAID Expansion Module Battery (CRU)

Removing and Installing a Fabric Expansion Module (CRU)

Replacing a CPU and Heatsink Assembly (FRU)

Removing and Installing a Fan Module (CRU)

Replacing a Fan Module Controller Board (FRU)

Removing and Installing a NEM or a NEM Filler (CRU)

Removing and Installing a PCIe EM (CRU)

Removing and Installing the Service Processor Module (CRU)

How to Remove the SP Module

How to Install the SP Module

Removing and Installing the Multi port Cable

Removing and Installing the Subassembly Module (FRU)

Sun Fire X4800 Server Service Procedures, and Information

Managing FRUID Information

Firmware Information and Procedures

How to Access the BIOS Setup Utility

Updating the CPLD

Component LED Locations and Meanings

Sun Fire X4800 Server Specifications

Physical Specifications

Power Specifications

Environmental Specifications


How to Install the SP Module

Before You Begin

  1. Prepare the server for service. See How to Prepare for Service.
  2. To remove the SP module, see How to Remove the SP Module.
  3. Ensure that the SP module handle is in its fully open position.
  4. Slide the SP module into its slot until it stops (1).

    Do not push the SP module any farther into the slot.

    image:An illustration showing how to install the SP module.
  5. Ensure that the pawl on the handle is aligned with and engages the slot in the wall.
  6. Rotate the handle to the left until it is flush with the SP module (2).


    Caution - Pinch point. Keep your fingers clear of the back side of the lever, the lever hinges, and the edges of the module.

    This action pushes the SP module into the server and engages the connectors on the rear of the SP module with the internal connector in the SAM.

  7. If necessary, attach the multi port cable (see How to Install the Multi Port Cable) and any other cables.
  8. Prepare the server for operation. See How to Prepare for Operation.

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How to Remove the SP Module