Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Modify Reverse Proxy Parameters

  1. Using the Administration Console, select Configurations > Virtual Servers > Content Handling > Reverse Proxy tab.

  2. Click the URI button.

    You can edit the following parameters:

    • URI — The reverse proxy URI

    • Server URL — Comma separated URLs of the remote server. If multiple values are given, the server will distribute load among the specified servers.

    • Sticky Cookie — Name of a cookie that when present in a response, will cause subsequent requests to stick to that origin server.

    • Sticky URI Parameter — Name of a URI parameter to inspect for route information. When the URI parameter is present in a request URI and its value contains a colon `:' followed by a route ID, the request will "stick" to the origin server identified by that route ID.

    • Route Header — Name of the HTTP request header used to communicate route IDs to origin servers.

    • Route Cookie — Name of the cookie generated by the server when it encounters a stickycookie in a response. The routecookie stores a route ID that enables the server to direct subsequent requests back to the same origin server.

    • Rewrite Headers — Comma separated list of HTTP request headers.