Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Administrator's Configuration File Reference

Using Variables in Interpolated Strings

To include the value of a variable in a string, prefix the name of the variable with the dollar-sign ($). For example, the following format element in server.xml logs the client IP address, requested URI, and corresponding file system path for each HTTP request:

  <format>$ip "$uri" $path</format>

In this example, $ip, $uri, and $path are predefined variables. For more information, see Variables.

For more information on access logs and log format, see Appendix C, Using the Custom Log File Format. For more information on the access-log element in server.xml, see access-log.

If the name of the variable is ambiguous, add curly braces, {}, to the name. For example, the following string contains a reference to the predefined $path variable:


Without the curly braces, the string instead contains a reference to a hypothetical variable named pathhtml.