Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Installation and Migration Guide

Viewing Installation Log Files

Log files are created during the installation process. All installation steps are logged, providing valuable troubleshooting information.

Install Log

The install log file is located in the following directory: install-dir/setup/Oracle_iPlanet_Web_Server_install.log

Install log file entries contain information about the attempted action, the outcome of the action, and the cause of failure if applicable. Entries fall into three categories: INFO, WARNING, and ERROR. The following table describes each category.

Table 2–7 Install Log Entry Categories




Marks normal completion of a particular installation task. 


Marks non-critical failures. Warning-level messages contain information about the cause and nature of the failure, and point to possible remedies. 


Marks critical failures and reports the installation status as failed. Error-level messages provide detailed information about the nature and cause of the problem. 



Marks the extent of verbosity of debug messages. FINEST gives the maximum verbosity.

Low-Level Install Logs

Low-level install logs are located as follows, where timestamp is of the format mmddHHMM.