Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0.9 Release Notes


The following table lists the known issues in the administration of Web Server.

Table 2 Known Issues in Administration

Problem ID 



On AIX with IBM JDK 6, user authenication fails if the uid contains a double quote and Web Server is configured to use LDAP realm

This issue arises due to a bug in the IBM JDK. 


A node can be registered to multiple administration servers which may cause a configuration conflict.

It is possible to register a node to a second Administration Server without canceling the registration with the first Administration Server. However, this leads to the nodes becoming inaccessible to both the Administration Servers. 


On each registration, restart the administration node. The administration node will be available to the most recent Administration Server it has registered to. 


wadm command allows connecting to a node, shows a certificate and then throws a 'HTTP 400 Error'.

When an administration node receives a connection, the administration node does not check the connection is from the Administration Server before proceeding. It not only prints an inappropriate error message, but also prompts the user to enter the password.  


Session replication enabled instances does not come up normally, if other instances in the cluster are not started.


After migrating the Java keystore keycerts using the migrate-jks-keycert command, trying to list the migrated jks keycerts using the list-certs command, displays the CN, org and other information instead of the certificate nickname.


While setting the SSL property using the wadm set-ssl-prop command, the server-cert-nickname property accepts any certificate nickname, instead of accepting only the server certificate nickname.


The set-session-replication-prop CLI command does not work if the 'node' option is provided with a qualified domain name.


Use the output of the list-nodes command for the valid names of the nodes in the set-session-replication-prop command.


Specifying "yes" at the wadm prompt crashes the CLI.


When you try to connect to the Administration Server after the administration certificates have expired, an incorrect error message is displayed.


The register-node command gives an incorrect error message when the Administration server runs out of disk space.


If no disk space is available on the device, wadm throws an incorrect error message "Unable to communicate with the administration server".


Executing the migrate-server command with both "--all" and "--instance" options does not result in an error.

A warning or an error message should be displayed indicating that the user is attempting the set mutually exclusive options. 


The Start Instances. button in the Admin Console is enabled for instance which is already running.

The buttons should be enabled or disabled based on the status of the instance. 


wadm allows you to define duplicate user properties.

Adding duplicate user properties does not show an error message; however, a new user property is not created. 


There is no provision to create new Access Control List (ACL) file using the Admin Console or the CLI.


On Windows, using an existing configuration, repeating the process of adding and removing the registered nodes causes validation failure.


MIME Types allows MIME value with multibyte characters.


Text in Access Control List page is not formatted.


User can be switched between `available' and `selected' lists in ACE even though the user is deleted from the authentication database.


No warning is issued before the deletion of key or the digestfile authentication database.


Administration Interface allows you to create a new user with multi-byte User ID in the keyfile authentication database.


User and Group table in the Admin Console displays the entire result in a single page.


Labeling of the Request Certificate and Install buttons in the Admin Console Create Self-Signed Certificate page needs to be revised.


Add and Remove buttons are enabled in new ACE window even if no items are present in the `Available' list.


Admin Console truncates the display of server logs at 50 lines or 2 pages.


No validation exist to check the entry of wrong country code in the certificate request wizard.


In the Admin Console, no text field description is provided for virtual-server, authdb, dav collection, and event fields .


Admin Console shows wrong JDK version while creating a new configuration.

The JDK version displayed in the Admin Console is 5.0 u6 instead of 5.0 u7. 


Style formatting is lost after restarting the Administration Server from Nodes -> Administration Server General tab.


Attempting to access the Admin Console in another tab of the same browser does not work.


View Log displays result in a single page.

Although the search criteria selected for record size is 25 log entries, the log displays the results in one single page even if there are more than 50 log entries. 


Token mismatch error is displayed when you remove the token password and then reset it in the Common tasks -> Select configuration -> Edit configuration -> Certificates -> PKCS11 Tokens page.


The Virtual Server Management->Content Handling->Document Directories->Add should have a browse option to choose the path of a additional document directory.


Message displayed about WebDAV collection locks in the Admin Console is misleading.

If you specify the time-out value for the WebDAV collection as infinite, the Common Tasks->Select Configuration ->Select Virtual Server->Edit Virtual Sever ->WebDAV->Select collection page displays the message DOES NOT EXPIRE. What it actually means is that the lock does not expire automatically after a specified time or the time-out is infinite.


Incorrect error message is displayed on setting empty token password using the `Set passwords' button.


Instance fails to restart if you try to edit a token password and deploy a configuration on an instance which is already running.


The Admin Console displays an exception when you delete a configuration and click on the Migrate button.


The Admin Console Review screen in wizards should only show fields that have values.


During migration, the log-dir path permission is not validated.


Cannot log in through the Administration CLI if the administration password has extended ASCII characters.


The error-response file name should be validated.


Administration server starts with expired certificate; wadm should warn about expired certificates.


The unregister-node command should also clean up certificates on the administration node.


WebDAV lock CLIs do not work in a cluster environment.


Multiple installations of the administration nodes on the same node that is registered to the same administration server should be not be allowed.


Accessing the administration node URL results in Page Not Found error.

As the administration node does not have a GUI, accessing the administration node URL results in Page Not Found error.


No validation for class path prefix and suffix, and native library path in JVM Path Settings in Java.


The server.xml elements should be grouped based on functionality.


On Windows, Administration Server moves the Web application files physically before stopping the Web application.


The Admin Console misleads user with "Instance modified" message when runtime files gets created in the config directory.


Trust store does not deleted on uninstalling the administration node after unregistering it with the administration server.


Changes made to the JavaHome property does not get saved after restarting the instance.


Need better validation in certain text fields to prevent obj.conf file corruption.

Most of the functional validation of the data in a form is done in the back end. The GUI has only minimal checks such as empty fields, integer values, and ASCII values. Hence, the GUI stores the data in the obj.conf when parsed gets corrupted .


Executing the restart-admin command followed by the stop-admin command throws exception in administration error logs.


On Windows, the Admin Console intermittently fails to come up.


  1. This problem is seen on Windows 2003 if you have "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration" enabled.

  2. To access the Admin Console without disabling Enhanced Security feature, include the site in the list of trusted sites explicitly on the browser.

  3. To disable Internet Explorer enhanced security configuration, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components.

  4. Deselect the check box next to Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration.

  5. Restart the browser.


Once config changes are made it is found that file ownership changes in docs directory

When a user creates a directory, adds some files and deploys them under the docs directory, the ownership of all files under this directory, changes to the owner who installed Web Server.  


The user directories should not be created under docs directory. 


Web Server 7.0 Administration CLI does not accept multibye characters as input.

Admin CLI does not accept input strings which has multibyte or non-ascii characters. For example, if you are entering an input value containing a non-ascii character (Felhasználók) along with the command, the input value will be garbled as below:  

wadm>  set-authdb-prop --config=test --authdb=sajit


While modifying the server.xml file manually, to enter base DN value, you have to type the URL encoded sequence as input instead of multibyte characters. For example, type:: "Felhaszn%C3%A1l%C3%B3k" instead of "Felhasználók"


The Admin server throws an error as the postpatch script for patches 125437-14 and 125438-14 are not Alternate Root compliant.


  1. Boot the alternate boot OS after adding the patch to the alternate boot environment.

  2. Start the admin server.

    The admin server fails to start and throws the below error message:

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/scn/client/comm/SvcTagException
  3. Edit the web server postpatch script to define the ROOTDIR value as / or /space, where JES base path is given.

    bash-3.00# cat postpatch
    # Copyright (c) 2007 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    # All rights reserved
    export PATH
    BASEDIR="`pkgparam -R $ROOTDIR SUNWwbsvr7 BASEDIR 2>/dev/null`"
    if [ -n "$BASEDIR" ]
        if [ -f "$INSTALL_DIR/lib/wsenv" ]
            . "$INSTALL_DIR/lib/wsenv";
            WS_IS_JES=1; export WS_IS_JES
  4. Run the script to complete the upgrade.

    bash-3.00# ksh /tmp/postpatch 
     "//opt/SUNWwbsvr7/lib/perl/perl" -I "//opt/SUNWwbsvr7/lib/perl" -I 
    "//opt/SUNWwbsvr7/lib/perl/lib" -I "//opt/SUNWwbsvr7/lib/perl/lib/site_perl" 

    The admin server starts without any error.


Unable to login to Admin server using Mozilla Firefox 3.0


  1. On the Solaris 10 platform, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.4 browser, go to Edit-> Preferences-> Advanced-> Encryption-> Server tab.

  2. Click Add Exceptions...

  3. Enter the address of the website you want to access in the text area and click Allow


An OpenSolaris 2008.11 Bug 4788 causes a serious impact on Web Server.

Web Server's certificates are affected during deployment of Web Server on OpenSolaris 2008.11, with the below warning: 

root# /opt/webserver7/admin-server/bin/startserv 
Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.0U4 B12/02/2008 02:49
warning: CORE1235: SSL server certificate Admin-Server-Cert
is not yet valid.

An OpenSolaris Bug 4788, with time, causes this problem. For more information about this, see Bug 4788.


Reboot your server after deploying OpenSolaris 2008.11 and correct the server time. 


FastCGI suid environment for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

To get the FastCGI suid environment to work on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, perform the following steps:

  1. cd <webserver_install>/plugins

  2. chown webservd fastcgi

  3. cd fastcgi

  4. chmod 4755 Fastcgistub

  5. Add the following lines in /etc/

  6. Run ldconfig

  7. Restart the Web Server

    Note –

    The file system where the Web Server is installed and the /tmp directory should have permission to run the suid program, The file system should not be mounted with the nosuid option.


JDK 1.6.0 and JDK 1.5.0 logger are not working properly.