Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 Deployment Planning Guide

Setup and Configuration Roadmap

ProcedureTo Set Up and Configure Application Server for High Availability

  1. Determine your performance and QoS requirements and goals, as described in Chapter 1, Product Concepts

  2. Size your system, as described in Design Decisions in Chapter 1, Product Concepts

    • Number of Application Server Instances

    • Number of HADB Nodes and Hosts

    • HADB Storage Capacity

  3. Determine system topology, as described in Chapter 3, Selecting a Topology.

    This determines whether you are going to intall HADB on the same host machines as Application Server or on different machines.

  4. Install Application Server instances, along with related subcomponents such as HADB and a web server.

  5. Create domains and clusters.

  6. Configure your web server software.

  7. Install the Load Balancer Plug-in.

  8. Setup and configure load balancing.

  9. Setup and configure HADB nodes and DRUs.

  10. Configure AS Web container and EJB container for HA session persistence.

  11. Deploy applications and configure them for high availability and session failover.

  12. Configure JMS clusters for failover if you are using messaging extensively.

    For more information, see the Sun Java System Message Queue Adminstration Guide.