The WSIT Tutorial

Summary of Service-Side Configuration Requirements

Table 7–1 summarizes the options that need to be configured for each of the security mechanisms. Each of the columns is briefly discussed after the table.

Table 7–1 Summary of Service-Side Configuration Requirements






User in GlassFish 

Username Authentication with Symmetric Keys 


Mutual Certificates 

X (no alias) 


Transport Security 


Message Authentication over SSL - Username Token 


Message Authentication over SSL - X.509 Token 


X (no alias) 



SAML Authorization over SSL 

X (no alias) 



Endorsing Certificate 


SAML Sender Vouches with Certificate 

X (no alias) 


SAML Holder of Key 

X (no alias) 


STS Issued Token 


STS Issued Token with Service Cert. 


STS Issued Endorsing Token