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SPARC T3-2 Server

Product Notes

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1.  Late-Breaking Information

Preinstalled Software

Supported Versions of Oracle Solaris OS, Firmware, and Software

OS Package and Patch Updates

Determining Oracle Solaris 11 OS Package Update Version

Determining Oracle Solaris 10 Patch Revision

Minimum Required Patchset for Oracle Solaris 10 08/11 OS

Minimum Required Patchset for Oracle Solaris 10 09/10 OS

Minimum Required Patchsets and SPARC Bundle for Oracle Solaris 10 10/09 OS

Rules for I/O Slot Use by Certain Cards

Updating the System Firmware

Mandatory System Firmware Patch

ALOM CMT Compatibility Shell Not Supported

2.  Known Product Issues

Hardware Issues

SPARC T3 and T4 Platforms Might See Dropped or Double Character Input From USB Keyboards (CR 7067025)

Oracle VM Server for SPARC Direct I/O Support

Not Oracle Certified DIMM Warning Message (CR 7034912)

Custom nvalias Settings Will Not Change During a System Reconfiguration

SPARC T3 Series Servers Do Not Support Sun Type 6 Keyboards

Large Third-Party PCIe Cards Are Not Supported in PCIe Slot 8

Front-Panel Video Port Does Not Support Resolutions Greater Than 1024 x 768 (CR 7021609)

Cannot Plumb Sun Quad GbE x8 PCIe Low Profile Adapter in PCIe Slot 0 When More Than Five Are Installed (CR 6993897)

Blue Ready-to-Remove LED Might Not Illuminate After Being Prepared for Removal Using the MegaRAID Storage Manager (CR 6929361)

MegaRAID Storage Manager Does Not Discover Sun Storage 6 Gb SAS PCIe RAID HBA, Internal (CR 6971789)

Installing Sun Storage 6 Gb SAS PCIe RAID HBA, Internal, Disables the DVD Drive

Sun Storage 6 Gb SAS PCIe RAID HBA, Internal, Must Be Installed In PCIe2 Slot 0 (CR 6982358)

TCP Performance Lags When Using Three or More Ports on Multiple Sun Dual 10 GbE SFP+ PCIe Cards (CR 6943558)

PARALLEL_BOOT/HOST_LAST_POWER_STATE=enabled Failed, Unexpected Power State (Off) After AC Cycle (CR 6994047)

Server Panics When Booting From a USB Thumbdrive Attached to the Front USB Ports (CR 6983185)

Copper QSFP Cables Not Supported (CR 6941888)

When Two Or More 10 Gb Network Module Devices Are Plumbed, Memory DR Remove Operations Might Hang (CR 6983286)

Cannot Initiate Two Consecutive probe-scsi-all Commands in Systems With Sun StorageTek 8 Gb FC PCIe HBAs (CR 6983959)

Installing Multiple Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Cards Causes Errors On First Boot (CR 6988352)

Error Messages Not Retained After UE and CE Memory Failures (CR 6990058)

Replace Faulty DIMMs With Uncorrectable Errors (UEs) As Soon As Possible (CR 6996144)

create-raid10-volume Command Fails to Create a RAID 10 Volume on a Sun Storage 6 Gb SAS PCIe HBA (CR 6943131)

Cannot Use GbE Ports of a Sun Quad GbE x8 PCIe Low Profile Adapter Installed in PCIe Slot 0 (CR 6993897)

Oracle Solaris OS Issues

Cold Reset Adds One Day to System Time (CR 7127740)

Oracle Solaris OS Has Changed How It Specifies Logical Device Names

sas2ircu Warning Message That RAID Volume Sizes Other Than “MAX” Are Not Supported Needs Clarification (CR 6983210)

Multiple Uncorrectable Errors Might Cause an Unexpected bad kernel MMU Panic (CR 6947664)

Gigabit Ethernet (nxge) Driver Not Loading on Systems With Oracle Solaris 10 10/09 OS and Solaris 10 9/10 Patch Bundle (CR 6995458)

Cannot Boot Oracle Solaris OS 10 10/09 OS DVD From the Internal DVD Drive

fault.memory.memlink-uc Interconnect Fault Did Not Cause Panic as Stated by Knowledge Article (CR 6940599)

prtpicl Command Does Not Display Drive Information (CR 6963594)

Spurious Error Message During Initial Oracle Solaris OS Installation (CR 6971896)

Spurious Interrupt Message in System Console (CR 6963563)

SP Unavailable Error Report Event (ereport) Not Generated for a Degraded Service Processor (CR 6978171)

e1000g Driver Generates ereports When Installing Oracle Solaris OS Over a Sun PCIe Dual Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (CR 6958011)

On-Board Ethernet Devices Fail to Connect After a Faulty CPU Reconfigures Back to the Host (CR 6984323)

Upgrading the Server Hardware Might Create Incorrect Device Instances (CR 6974219)

hostconfig Command Does Not Update CPU Serial Number in the Physical Resource Inventory Machine Descriptor (PRI MD) (CR 6989166)

False nxge Warning Messages (CR 6938085)

mptsas request inquiry page 0x89 for SATA target:a Failed Messages (CR 6986482)

qlge Driver Panics When the MTU Is Set to 9000 (CR 6964519)

Missing Interrupt Causes USB Hub Hotplug Thread to Hang, Resulting In Process Hangs (CR 6968801)

Oracle Enterprise Manager Process Hangs and Becomes Unkillable (CR 6994300)

cfgadm Command Takes a Long Time to Print Output (CR 6937169)

Adding a PCIe End-Point Device to a Guest Domain Might Result in a Hypervisor Abort and Shutdown (CR 6999227)

Firmware Issues

Proving Physical Presence When Recovering a Lost Oracle ILOM SP Password

Oracle ILOM break Followed By OBP sync Will Result in an Aborted Panic Dump (CR 6923763)

sas2flash Utility Fails When Six or More Sun Storage 6 Gb SAS RAID PCIe HBAs, External, Are Installed (CR 6983246)

Oracle Solaris OS Fails to Update EEPROM for Automatic Rebooting When diag-switch? is Set to true (CR 6982060)

Four or Fewer Sun Dual 10 GbE SFP+ PCIe 2.0 Low Profile Adapters Are Supported (CR 6977073)

Memory Allocation Issues With Multiple Emulex 8 Gb FC HBAs in an Attached Magma EB7-X8G2-RAS I/O Box (CR 6982072)

System Hangs During Boot Process (CR 6956116)

cdrom Device Alias Missing From OpenBoot PROM (CR 7019439)

Product Documentation Errata

Mandatory System Firmware Patch

Initial SPARC T3-2 servers shipped with system firmware that set the power supply fan speed at a level that did not adequately cool the power supplies and front drives. Updating the system firmware to version 8.0.1.e (or to the latest firmware version) will set the fan speed to the correct level.

To display the firmware version of your system, type the following command at the Oracle ILOM prompt (->):

-> show /HOST sysfw_version
 sysfw_version = Sun System Firmware 8.0.1.e date time


Caution - If the system's firmware revision is less than 8.0.1.e, you must download and install the latest version of the system firmware patch. See Updating the System Firmware for downloading instructions.