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Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000/M9000 Servers Product Notes for XCP Version 1040

For XCP Version 1040




Technical Support

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Obtaining the Latest Patches

Using the smpatch CLI to Obtain Patches

Using the Update Manager GUI to Obtain Patches

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SPARC Enterprise M8000/M9000 Servers Product Notes

Supported Firmware and Software Versions

Solaris Patch Information

Known Issues

General Functionality Issues and Limitations

Notes for Dual eXtended System Control Facility (XSCF) Unit

Hardware Installation and Service Issues

Issues and Workarounds

Hardware Documentation Updates

Power-On/Off Procedures of the Server with Expansion Cabinet

Software Issues

XCP Issues and Workarounds

Solaris Issues and Workarounds.

Identifying Permanent Memory in a Target Board

Booting From a WAN Boot Server

Abbreviated Man Page for getflashimage



Options and Operand


Software Documentation Updates