Using the GlassFish ESB Installation CLI

Installing GlassFish ESB Silently Using Default Settings

You can use the GlassFish ESB command-line installation script to perform a complete default installation silently. A silent installation means that you will not interact with the Installer, nor will you see the process unless you open the directory to which you are installing. When performing a default installation, there is no need to generate the state file first.

Note –

If you want to perform a default installation but also generate a state file, perform the steps under Generating the State File for Silent Installations but do not perform the uninstallation step.

ProcedureTo Install GlassFish ESB Silently Using Default Settings

Before You Begin
  1. Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the installation executable file.

  2. Run the installation file with the --silent option.

    For example:

    glassfishesb-v2.1-full-installer-windows.exe --silent

    GlassFish ESB is installed in the default directory.

    Note –

    A log file is generated in your home directory under /.glassfishesb-v2.1-full-installer-hostname_date/log so you can track the progress of the installation. For windows, this file is located in \Documents and Settings\user_name.