Using the GlassFish ESB Installation CLI

Starting GlassFish ESB

To start NetBeans and the GlassFish server after the initial installation, navigate to the GlassFish ESB install directory or to the directory where the component is installed that you want to start. Run the appropriate command.


From GlassFish ESB Installation Directory 

NetBeans IDE 

Windows GUI: Double-click the NetBeans desktop icon, select NetBeans from the Start menu, or run install-directory\start_netbeans.bat

Mac OSX GUI: Select the NetBeans icon in the Dock or double-click in the GlassFish ESB home directory

UNIX: Run the executable file in install-directory/netbeans/bin

GlassFish Server 

Windows GUI:install-directory\start_glassfish_domain_name.bat

Mac OSX GUI:install-directory\start_glassfish_domain_name

UNIX:Run asadmin start-domain from install-directory/glassfish/bin

Note –

You can also start the GlassFish server from the Services tab on the NetBeans IDE.