Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Cloning an Existing Resource Type

Follow this procedure to clone an existing resource type generated by Agent Builder.

  1. Load an existing resource type into Agent Builder. You can do this in either of two ways:

    1. Launch Agent Builder from the working directory (which contains the rtconfig file) for an existing resource type (created with Agent Builder), and Agent Builder loads the values for that resource type in the Create and Configure screens.

    2. Use the Load Resource Type command in the File menu.

  2. Change the working directory on the Create screen.

    You must use the Browse button to select a directory—typing a new directory name is not sufficient. After you select a directory, Agent Builder re-enables the Create button.

  3. Make changes.

    You might use this procedure to change the type of code generated for the resource type. For example, if you initially create a ksh version of a resource type but find over time that you require a C version, you can load the existing ksh resource type, change the language for the output to C, and then have Agent Builder build a C version of the resource type.

  4. Create the cloned resource type.

    Select Create to create the resource type. Select Next to bring up the Configure screen. Select Configure to configure the resource type and then Cancel to finish.