Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Editing the Generated Source Code

To keep the process of creating a resource type simple, Agent Builder limits the number of inputs, which necessarily limits the scope of the generated resource type. Therefore, to add more sophisticated features, such as validation checks for additional properties, or to tune parameters Agent Builder does not expose, you need to modify the generated source code or the RTR file.

The source files are in the install_directory/rt_name/src directory. Agent Builder embeds comments in the source code at places you can add code. These comments are of the form (for C code):

/* User added code -- BEGIN vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv */
/* User added code -- END   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ */

Note –

These comments are identical in Korn shell code, except they use the pound sign (#) to begin the comment line.

For example, rt_name.h declares all the utility routines that the different programs use. At the end of the list of declarations are comments that enable you to declare additional routines you might have added to any of your code.

Agent Builder also generates the makefile in the install_directory/rt_name/src directory, with appropriate targets. Use the make command to recompile the source code, and the make pkg command to regenerate the resource type package.

The RTR file is in the install_directory/rt_name/etc directory. You can edit the RTR file with a standard text editor (see Setting Resource and Resource Type Properties for more information about the RTR file and Appendix A, Standard Properties for information about properties).