Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Resource Type Name

The three components of the resource type name are properties specified in the RTR file as Vendor_id, Resource_type, and RT_version. The scrgadm command inserts the period and the colon delimiters to create the name of the resource type:


The Vendor_id prefix serves to distinguish between two registration files of the same name provided by different vendors. The RT_version distinguishes between multiple registered versions (upgrades) of the same base resource type. To ensure that the Vendor_id is unique, the recommended approach is to use the stock symbol for the company creating the resource type.

Registration of the resource type will fail if the RT_version string includes a blank, tab, slash, backslash, asterisk, question mark, comma, semicolon, left square bracket, or right square bracket character.

The RT_Version property, which was optional in Sun Cluster 3.0, is mandatory starting in Sun Cluster 3.1.

The fully qualified name is the name returned by the following command:

scha_resource_get -O Type -R <resourcename> -G <resourcegroupname>

Resource type names registered prior to Sun Cluster 3.1 continue to use the form: