Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide


RTR files for upgrade aware resource types must include a #$upgrade directive, followed by zero or more directives of the form:

#$upgrade_from <version> <tunability>

The upgrade_from directive consists of the string #$upgrade_from, followed by the RT_Version, followed by the tunability constraint on the resource. If the resource type from which the upgrade is being performed does not have a version, the RT_Version is specified as the empty string, as shown in the last example below:

#$upgrade_from   "1.1"   when_offline 
#$upgrade_from   "1.2"   when_offline
#$upgrade_from   "1.3"   when_offline
#$upgrade_from   "2.0"   when_unmonitored
#$upgrade_from   "2.1"   anytime
#$upgrade_from   ""      when_unmanaged

The RGM enforces these constraints on a resource when the system administrator attempts to change the resource Type_version. If the current version of the resource type does not appear in the list, the RGM imposes the tunability of When_unmanaged.

These directives must appear between the resource type property declarations section of the RTR file and the resource declarations section of the RTR file. See rt_reg(4).