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Sun ONE Directory Server Resource Kit 5.2 Tools Reference 

Chapter 26
The Schema Migration Tool

The tool helps automate the process of updating a custom Sun™ ONE schema for deployment with Sun ONE Directory Server 5.x. This chapter provides instructions on how to use It contains the following sections:


Most custom schema files defined for, and used in, version 4.x Sun ONE Directory Servers can be fully updated using the tool, thus requiring no manual editing.


For more information about migrating to versions 5.x Directory Servers, see Chapter 6, “Migrating from Previous Versions” in the Sun ONE Directory Server Installation and Tuning Guide.

The DSRK includes the tool in the DSRK_base/perl directory.


This script requires Perl version 5.005_03 or later. See Third-Party Sources of Information for links to Perl resources.

Command Usage

The tool is designed to convert all of the custom schema files used by your previous versions of Directory Server to the format required by versions 5.x. For example, all attribute and object class definitions now require a value for the X-ORIGIN field, and this tool will generate one automatically using either a default value or a user-specified value.


The syntax of on the command-line takes the following form: -o 4xInstancePath -s newSchemaFile [ options ]



The options and parameters are described in Table 26-1.

Table 26-1  Command-Line Options for 






Specify the path of the 4.x Directory Sever instance that uses a custom schema you wish to migrate. The command will automatically convert all custom schema files found in the slapd.conf file under the userat and or useroc headings. However, schema files specified in INCLUDE statements are not converted automatically. This parameter has no effect when the -i option is used.



Specify the full path and filename of a 4.x schema file to convert for use with Directory Server 5.x. This option will override the -o parameter.



Specify the path and filename of the converted custom schema.



Specify a value for the X-ORIGIN field for attributes and object classes in the converted schema file. Use double quotes ("") to include any space in this value on the command-line. The default string value is "user defined".



Specify the level of trace, from 0 to 4, for reporting actions performed during the schema file migration.



Specify a file in which to log the migration report.

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