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Sun ONE Messaging Server 6.0 Installation Guide for Solaris Operating Systems

List of Tables

Table 1-1 Messaging Server 6.0 Client Software Recommendations
Table 1-2 Messaging Server Provisioning Mechanisms
Table 2-1 Java Enterprise System Messaging Server Packages
Table 2-2 Optional Flags for the Messaging Server configure Program
Table 3-1 High Availability Model Advantages and Disadvantages
Table 3-2 System Down Time Calculations
Table 3-3 Supported Versions of Sun Cluster Server and Veritas Cluster Server
Table 3-4 Veritas Cluster Server Attributes
Table 4-1 Messaging Server Configuration Files that Generate *.MERGED or *.CHANGES files
Table 5-1 Post-Installation Directories and Files
Table 5-2 Passwords Set in Messaging Server Initial Runtime Configuration
Table 5-3 Port Numbers Designated During Installation
Table 5-4 Potential Port Number Conflicts
Table 5-5 Ownership and Access Mode Changes to SunONE_MsgSvr
Table A-1 Directory Server Installation Parameters
Table A-2 Administration Server Initial Runtime Configuration Program Parameters
Table A-3 Script Parameters
Table A-4 Messaging Server Initial Runtime Configuration Program Parameters

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