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Sun ONE Identity Server Customization and API Guide

List of Procedures

To Create Custom Organization Files
To Modify The Service Configuration Display
To Modify The User Profile View
Display Options For The User Profile Page
To Localize The Console
To Display Service Attributes
To Customize Interface Colors
To Change The Default Attribute Display Elements
To Add A Module Tab
To Display Container Objects
To Create New Directories For Custom Console Files
To Create A Custom Login Interface
To Add An Additional LDAP Configuration
Integrating A Custom Authentication Module
Customizing Membership.xml
Creating A Service File
To Extend The Directory Server LDAP Schema
Adding Identity Server Object Classes To Existing Users
Importing The XML Service File
Modifying A Default XML Service File
Modifying A Batch Processing XML Template
Creating Users Using A Modified Directory Server Schema
To Configure Policy-based Resource Management
To Enable Secure Logging
Enabling Remote Logging
Enabling Client Detection
To Deploy console.war On WebLogic
To Deploy services.war on WebLogic
To Deploy password.war on WebLogic
To Deploy console.war On Sun ONE Application Server
To Deploy services.war On Sun ONE Application Server
To Deploy password.war on Sun ONE Application Server

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