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Sun ONE Identity Server Customization and API Guide

List of Tables

Table 0-1 Where to Find Related Sun ONE Resources
Table 2-1 Service Attribute Values and Corresponding Display Elements
Table 3-1 Authentication Service User Interface File Types
Table 3-2 List of Customizable JSP Templates
Table 3-3 List of Authentication Module Configuration Files
Table 3-4 List of JavaScript Files
Table 3-5 List of Cascading Style Sheets
Table 3-6 List of Sun Microsystems Branded GIF Images
Table 3-7 List of Localization Properties Files
Table 3-8 Directory Paths Based On Customization Level
Table 3-9 Request Sub-Elements And Possible Responses
Table 4-1 Comparison Between Java And C SSO API
Table 5-1 Recorded Cache Properties
Table 9-1 Federation Management Module JSP
Table 10-1 Relational Database Log Format

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