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Sun ONE Instant Messaging 6.1

Appendix E
Legacy Instant Messaging Service 6.0

This service is deprecated. If you had Sun ONE Instant Messaging software, and are now installing version 6.1, you might want to be aware that the service attributes listed in this section are still effective and supersede version 6.1 attributes.

When you deploy Sun ONE Instant Messaging server with Sun ONE Identity Server, an Instant Messaging service is added to the Sun ONE Identity Server. The Instant Messaging service enables the administrator to enforce policy mechanisms for accessing Sun ONE Instant Messaging server.

For more information on policies managed through Sun ONE Identity Server, see "Managing Policies using Sun ONE Identity Server".

Table E-1 lists and describes the Instant Messaging service attributes.

Table E-1  Instant Messaging Service Attributes

Service Attributes



This is a boolean attribute. When enabled it has Access and Deny permissions for an organization. These attributes will be added as dynamic attributes.


This is a boolean attribute. When enabled the instant messenger only displays the alerts. The contact list or the news is not displayed. This attribute is used in CHAT and POPUP flavors. By default this attribute is disabled.


This is a boolean attribute. When enabled it allows files to be attached to the messages. By default this attribute is enabled.


This is a boolean attribute. It enables the moderated conference feature in Sun ONE Instant Messenger. By default, this attributed is enabled.


This attribute can be selected from a drop down list. It describes the message type to be enabled. The values are ALL, IM, NEWS, CHAT and POPUP. The default selected value is ALL.

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