Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 With StorEdge A1000 Array, Netra st A1000 Array, or StorEdge A3500 System Manual

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The following books provide conceptual information or procedures to administer hardware and applications. If you plan to use this documentation in a hardcopy format, ensure that you have these books available for your reference.

The following Sun Cluster books support the Sun Cluster 3.1, 2004, and 2005 releases. If you are maintaining a different version of Sun Cluster software, refer to the appropriate documentation. All Sun Cluster documentation is available at

Documentation that is not available at is listed with the appropriate URL.

The related books are organized by the following products and subjects:

Table P–2 Storage Array and Storage System Patches


EarlyNotifier 20029, A1000/A3x00/A3500FC Software/Firmware Configuration Matrix

Available on

Table P–3 Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager and Sun StorEdge RAID Manager


Part Number 

Sun StorEdge RAID Manager Release Notes

Available at


Sun StorEdge RAID Manager User’s Guide

Available at


Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager Installation and Configuration Guide

Available at


Table P–4 Sun StorEdge A1000 and Netra st A1000 Storage Array


Part Number 

OpenBoot 2.x Command Reference Manual

Available at–10


Netra st A1000/D1000 Installation and Maintenance Manual

Available at


Sun StorEdge A1000 and D1000 Installation, Operations, and Service Manual

Available at


Sun StorEdge D1000 Storage Guide

Available at


Table P–5 Sun StorEdge A3500 Storage System


Part Number 

OpenBoot 2.x Command Reference Manual

Available at–10


Sun StorEdge A3500/A3500FC Hardware Configuration Guide

Available at


Table P–6 Sun Cluster Documentation




Sun Cluster Concepts Guide for Solaris OS


Sun Cluster Overview for Solaris OS

Hardware administration 

Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 Hardware Administration Manual for Solaris OS

Individual hardware administration guides 

Software installation 

Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

Data service administration 

Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS

Individual data service guides 

Data service development 

Sun Cluster Data Services Developer’s Guide for Solaris OS

System administration 

Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

Error messages 

Sun Cluster Error Messages Guide for Solaris OS

Command and function reference 

Sun Cluster Reference Manual for Solaris OS

Release Notes 

Sun Cluster 3.1 8/05 Release Notes for Solaris OS

Sun Cluster 3.x Release Notes Supplement