Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 With StorEdge A1000 Array, Netra st A1000 Array, or StorEdge A3500 System Manual

Sun StorEdge A1000 and Netra st A1000 Cabling Diagrams

Installing a Sun StorEdge A1000 or Netra st A1000 Storage Array

The storage arrays must be configured in pairs for the Sun Cluster environment.

To cable the storage arrays, connect the differential SCSI cable between the node and the storage array. Ensure that the entire SCSI bus length in each SCSI chain is less than 25 m. This measurement includes the cables to both nodes, as well as the bus length that is internal to each storage array, node, and host adapter. Figure A–1 and Figure A–2 illustrate a storage array that is cabled in a Sun Cluster environment.

Figure A–1 Installing a Storage Array With One Pair

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Figure A–2 illustrates how to cable the storage array in a daisy-chain configuration. If you place two storage arrays on a SCSI chain, ensure that each storage array's ID dial is set to a unique number.

Figure A–2 Storage Array With Two Pairs and Daisy Chaining

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