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Sun Netratrademark X4200 M2 Server Product Notes



Important Information About the Sun Netra X4200 M2 Server

Updated Product Note Information

How to Obtain Updates From Sun

Dual-Core and Quad-Core CPU Firmware and BIOS Compatibility

AC Power Surge Protection

Quad-Core CPUs for Sun Netra X4200 M2 Server

DIMM Requirements for Quad-Core Sun Netra X4200 M2 Servers

Identifying 4-Gbyte DIMMs Not Compatible With Quad‐Core Upgrades

Upgrading a Dual-Core Sun Netra X4200 M2 Server to a Quad-Core

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Upgrade Dual-Core Server to a Quad-Core Server

Hardware Issues

Possible Rear Locate Button Damage When Replacing Motherboard

Memory Issues

Software Issues

BIOS Issues

Solaris OS Issues

Documentation Issues

Option Card and Rackmount Kit Installation Instructions