Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

Analyzer Options

These options control the behavior of the Analyzer and are divided into three groups:

Java Options

-j | --jdkhome jvm-path

Specify the path to the JVM software for running the Analyzer. When the -j option is not specified, the default path is taken first by examining environment variables for a path to the JVM, in the order JDK_HOME and then JAVA_PATH. If neither environment variable is set, the default path is where the JavaTM 2 Software Development Kit was installed by the Sun Studio installer. If the SDK was not installed, the JVM found on the user’s PATH is used. Use the -j option to override all the default paths.

-J jvm-options

Specify the JVM options.

Control Options

-f | --fontsize size

Specify the font size to be used in the Analyzer GUI.

-v | --verbose

Print version information and Java runtime arguments before starting.

Information Options

These options do not invoke the Performance Analyzer GUI, but print information about analyzer to standard output. The individual options below are stand-alone options; they cannot be combined with other analyzer options nor combined with target or experiment-list arguments.

-V | --version

Print version information and exit.

-? | --h | --help

Print usage information and exit.