Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

Analyzer Default Settings

The Analyzer uses resource files named .er.rc to determine default values for various settings upon startup. The system wide er.rc defaults file is read first, then an .er.rc file in the user’s home directory, if present, then an .er.rc file in the current directory. Defaults from the .er.rc file in your home directory override the system defaults, and defaults from the .er.rc file in the current directory override both home and system defaults. The .er.rc files are used by the Analyzer and the er_print utility. Any settings in .er.rc that apply to source and disassembly compiler commentary are also used by the er_src utility.

See the sections Default Settings for Analyzer for more information about the .er.rc files. See Commands That Set Defaults and Commands That Set Defaults Only For the Performance Analyzer for information about setting defaults with er_print commands.