Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

cmetrics metric_spec

Specify a selection of callers-callees metrics. By default, the caller-callee metrics is set to match the function list metrics whenever they are changed. If metric_spec is omitted, the current caller-callee metrics setting is displayed.

The string metric_spec is one of the metric keywords described in Metric Lists, as shown in this example.

% cmetrics i.%user:a.%user

This command instructs er_print to display the following metrics.

When the cmetrics command is finished, a message is printed showing the current metric selection. For the preceding example the message is as follows.

current: i.%user:a.%user:name

By default, the caller-callee metrics are set to match the function list metrics whenever the function list metrics are changed.

Caller-callee attributed metrics are inserted in front of the corresponding exclusive metric and inclusive metric, with visibility corresponding to the logical or of the visibility setting for those two. Static metric settings are copied to the caller-callee metrics. If the metric-name is not in the list, it is appended to it.

A list of all the available metric-name values for the experiments loaded can be obtained with the cmetric_list command.

If a cmetrics command has an error in it, it is ignored with a warning, and the previous settings remain in effect.