Sun Studio 12: Performance Analyzer

sort metric_spec

Sort the function list on metric_spec. The visibility in the metric name does not affect the sort order. If more than one metric is named in the metric_spec, use the first one that is visible. If none of the metrics named are visible, ignore the command. You can precede the metric_spec with a minus sign (-) to specify a reverse sort.

By default, the metric sort setting is based on the dsort command, processed from .er.rc files, as described in Commands That Set Defaults. If a sort command explicitly sets metric_spec to default, the default settings are used.

The string metric_spec is one of the metric keywords described in Metric Lists, as shown in this example.

% sort i.user

This command tells the er_print utility to sort the function list by inclusive user CPU time. If the metric is not in the experiments that have been loaded, a warning is printed and the command is ignored. When the command is finished, the sort metric is printed.