Sun Studio 12: C++ User's Guide

13.1 C++ Standard Library Header Files

Table 13–1 lists the headers for the complete standard library along with a brief description of each.

Table 13–1 C++ Standard Library Header Files

Header File 



Standard algorithms that operate on containers 


Fixed-size sequences of bits 


The numeric type representing complex numbers 


Sequences supporting addition and removal at each end 


Predefined exception classes 


Stream I/O on files 


Function objects 


iostream manipulators


iostream base classes


Forward declarations of iostream classes


Basic stream I/O functionality 


Input I/O streams 


Class for traversing a sequence 


Properties of numeric types 


Ordered sequences 


Support for internationalization 


Associative containers with key/value pairs 


Special memory allocators 


Basic memory allocation and deallocation 


Generalized numeric operations 


Output I/O streams 


Sequences supporting addition at the head and removal at the tail 


Associative container with unique keys 


Stream I/O using an in-memory string as source or sink 


Sequences supporting addition and removal at the head 


Additional standard exception classes 


Buffer classes for iostreams 


Sequences of characters 


Run-time type identification 


Comparison operators 


Value arrays useful for numeric programming 


Sequences supporting random access