Sun Studio 12 Readme Index

C Readme
Information about the Sun Studio C compiler, cc.

C++ Readme
Information about the Sun Studio C++ compiler, CC.

Frequently asked questions and their answers, plus patch identification numbers and runtime comparison numbers.

C++ Migration Readme
For information about migrating source code written for the 4.0, 4.01, 4.1, or 4.2 versions of the C++ compiler, see the C++ Migration Guide.

dbx Readme
Information about the Sun Studio dbx, an interactive, source-level, command-line debugging tool.

dmake Readme
Information about the Sun Studio command-line tool dmake, which is used to build targets in distributed, parallel, or serial mode.

Fortran 77 Readme
This Sun Studio release does not include a separate FORTRAN 77 compiler, f77, but much of the functionality of the f77 compiler is now available with the Fortran 95 compiler. In this release, the f77 command is a script that calls the f95 compiler.

Fortran 95 Readme
Information about the Sun Studio Fortran 95 compiler, f95.

Fortran Preprocessor Readme
Information about the Fortran source code preprocessor that allows a programmer to generate different versions of a code from a single source file.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Readme
Information about using the Sun Studio 12 integrated development environment (IDE).

Interval Arithmetic Readme
Information about Fortran 95 interval arithmetic and the C++ interval arithmetic class library.

Math Libraries Readme
Information about the Sun Studio math libraries.

OpenMP API Readme
Information about the Sun Studio implementation of the OpenMP 2.5 shared memory parallelization API.

Performance Analyzer Readme
Information about the Sun Studio performance analysis tools.

Sun Performance Library Readme
Information about the Sun Performance Library[tm].

Runtime Libraries Readme
List of Sun libraries and object files that may be redistributed within user executables or libraries under the terms of the End User Object Code License.

System Preparation Tool Readme
Information about the system preparation tool, which lets you check the system on which you will run Sun Studio software for prerequisite software and patches, and install any missing prerequisites.

Thread Analyzer
Information about the Thread Analyzer, a tool that analyzes the execution of a multi-threaded program and checks for a variety of multi-threaded programming errors such as data races and deadlocks.

Legal Readmes
Legal information associated with Sun Studio compilers and tools.

Tools.h++ Readme
Information about Tools.h++ version 7.1.0.

X-Designer Readme
Information about the X-Designer GUI builder.