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Sun Performance Library User’s Guide

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What Is Not in This Book

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Typographic Conventions

Shell Prompts

Supported Platforms

Accessing Sun Studio Documentation

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Contacting Sun Technical Support

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1. Introduction

Libraries Included With Sun Performance Library


Sun Performance Library Features

Mathematical Routines

Compatibility With Previous LAPACK Versions

Getting Started With Sun Performance Library

Enabling Trap 6 on SPARC Platforms

2. Using Sun Performance Library

Improving Application Performance

Replacing Routines With Sun Performance Library Routines

Improving Performance of Other Libraries

Using Tools to Restructure Code

Fortran Interfaces

Fortran SUNPERF Module for Use With Fortran 95

Optional Arguments

Fortran Examples

C Interfaces

C Examples

3. Optimization

Using The Sun Performance Library

Fortran and C



Compiling Code for a 64-Bit Enabled Operating Environments

64-Bit Integer Arguments

4. Parallel Processing

Run-Time Issues

Degree of Parallelism

Synchronization Mechanisms

Parallel Processing Examples

5. Working With Matrices

Matrix Storage Schemes

Banded Storage

Packed Storage

Matrix Types

General Matrices

Triangular Matrices

Symmetric Matrices

Tridiagonal Matrices

6. Sparse Computation

Sparse Matrices

Symmetric Sparse Matrices

Structurally Symmetric Sparse Matrices

Unsymmetric Sparse Matrices

Sun Performance Library Sparse BLAS

Netlib Sparse BLAS

NIST Fortran Sparse BLAS

SPSOLVE Interface

SPSOLVE Routines

Routine Calling Order

SPSOLVE Examples

SuperLU Interface

Calling from C

Calling from Fortran



7. Using Sun Performance Library Signal Processing Routines

Forward and Inverse FFT Routines

Linear FFT Routines

Two-Dimensional FFT Routines

Three-Dimensional FFT Routines


Cosine and Sine Transforms

Fast Cosine and Sine Transform Routines

Fast Cosine Transforms

Fast Sine Transforms

Discrete Fast Cosine and Sine Transforms and Their Inverse

Fast Cosine Transform Examples

Fast Sine Transform Examples

Convolution and Correlation



Sun Performance Library Convolution and Correlation Routines

Arguments for Convolution and Correlation Routines

Work Array WORK for Convolution and Correlation Routines

Sample Program: Convolution


8. Interval BLAS Routines



IBLAS Routine Names

Naming Conventions

Fortran Interface

Binding Format

Language Bindings


A. Sun Performance Library Routines

LAPACK Routines

BLAS1 Routines

BLAS2 Routines

BLAS3 Routines

Sparse BLAS Routines

Sparse Solver Routines

Signal Processing Library Routines

Miscellaneous Signal Processing Routines

Interval BLAS (IBLAS) Routines

Sort Routines