Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tutorial

Before You Read This Book

To build and run the sample programs in this tutorial or use the tool commands provided in the Java DMK, you must have a complete installation of the product on your system.

Related Documentation

Before programming with the Java DMK you should be familiar with the concepts and tools used throughout this tutorial. The following books are part of the documentation set:

Book Title 

Part Number 

Getting Started with the Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0


Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tools Reference


Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Installation Guide


These books are available online after you have installed the documentation package of the Java DMK. The online documentation also includes the Javadoc API for the Java packages and classes, including those of the Java Management extensions. Using any web browser, open the home page corresponding to your platform. Table P–1 shows the location of the home page for the SolarisTM operating environment and Windows 2000 operating environment.

Table P–1 Accessing Online Documentation

Operating Environment 

Home Page Location 

Solaris environment 


Windows 2000 environment 


In these file names, installDir refers to the base directory of your Java DMK installation. In a default installation procedure, installDir is:

These conventions are used throughout this book whenever referring to files or directories which are part of the installation.

The Java DMK relies on the management architecture of the JMX specification. The specification document, Java Management Extensions Instrumentation and Agent Specification, v1.1 (Maintenance Release, March 2002) is provided in the product documentation package under the file name jmx_instr_agent.pdf.

The structure of this book is based on the The Java Tutorial:

Some chapters in the part on SNMP refer to RFC standards for further information. The complete text of RFC papers can be found on the Internet site of the Internet Engineering Task Force:

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