Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tutorial

Accessing MBean Attributes and Operations

Once you can access the object names for MBeans in the agent, you can know their management interface from their MBeanInfo object. The code in Example 10–5 is actually called in between the MBean creation and unregistration shown in Example 10–4.

Example 10–5 Retrieving the MBeanInfo Object

ObjectName mbeanObjectName = mbeanObjectInstance.getObjectName();

echo("\n>>> Getting the management information of the MBean");
MBeanInfo info = null;
try {

    info = connectorClient.getMBeanInfo( mbeanObjectName );

} catch (Exception e) {
    echo("\t!!! Could not get MBeanInfo object for "+ mbeanObjectName );

// display content of MBeanInfo object
echo("\nCLASSNAME: \t"+ info.getClassName());
echo("\nDESCRIPTION: \t"+ info.getDescription());
MBeanAttributeInfo[] attrInfo = info.getAttributes();
if ( attrInfo.length>0 ) {
    for( int i=0; i<attrInfo.length; i++ ) {
        echo(" ** NAME: \t"+ attrInfo[i].getName());
        echo("    DESCR: \t"+ attrInfo[i].getDescription());
        echo("    TYPE: \t"+ attrInfo[i].getType() +
             "\tREAD: "+ attrInfo[i].isReadable() +
             "\tWRITE: "+ attrInfo[i].isWritable());
} else echo(" ** No attributes **");


It is then straightforward to perform management operations on MBeans through the connector client. As in an agent, we call the generic getters, setters, and call methods with the object name of the MBean, the name of the attribute or operation, and any parameters. As in the methods of the MBean server, we need to use the Attribute and AttributeList classes to pass attributes as name-value pairs.

Example 10–6 Accessing an MBean Through the Connector Client

try {
    // Getting attribute values
    String State = (String)
        connectorClient.getAttribute( mbeanObjectName, "State" );
    Integer NbChanges = (Integer)
        connectorClient.getAttribute( mbeanObjectName, "NbChanges" );
    echo("\tState     = \"" + State + "\"");
    echo("\tNbChanges = " + NbChanges);

    // Setting the "State" attribute
    Attribute stateAttr = new Attribute("State", "new state from client");
    connectorClient.setAttribute(mbeanObjectName, stateAttr);

    // Invoking the "reset" operation
    Object[] params = new Object[0];
    String[] signature = new String[0];
    connectorClient.invoke(mbeanObjectName, "reset", params, signature);

} catch (Exception e) {

All other MBean access methods are available in the same manner, such as bulk getters and setters, and the query methods.